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Safe Space Program
The Safe Space program enhances Santa Clara's educational commitment to its students by improving the environment for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) members of our community.
Santa Clara 2020 - Integrated Strategic Plan
This Integrated Strategic Plan identifies the strategic priorities that will help Santa Clara University realize its vision and advance its mission in the next five years.
Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP)
SCCAP collaborates with diverse organizations in the community, giving students a unique opportunity to lead by example and actively apply education to social service.
Santa Clara Entrepreneur Organization (SCEO)
Santa Clara Fund
Alumni, parents, and friends are encouraged to give annually to the Santa Clara Fund, which benefits undergraduate education and impacts every student on campus. This fund supports the University's current needs, innovative programs, and financial aid for undergraduates.
Santa Clara Law Magazine
Santa Clara Law is published twice a year by the School of Law, and includes class notes, campus news, and features of legal interest.
Santa Clara Magazine
Santa Clara Magazine is published quarterly by SCU's Office of Marketing and Communications.
Santa Clara Review, The
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara University Business Index
Launched in February 2002, the SCUBI : Silicon Valley Outlook survey polls several hundred leaders in Silicon Valley organizations, including SCU alumni in managerial and executive positions, regarding business conditions in their own organizations, as well as those of their customers.
Santa Clara's History
From a Franciscan mission to a 21st-century learning community, Santa Clara is constantly growing and changing. Read more about the Mission campus, yesterday and today.
School of Education and Counseling Psychology
The mission of the School of Education and Counseling Psychology is to educate Bay Area practitioners in education, counseling psychology, and other human and health services professions who will bring high levels of competence, conscience, and compassion to their professional lives in service to the community.
School of Engineering
The School offers four undergraduate degree programs, seven master's degree programs, and three Ph.D. degree programs in three disciplines.
School of Engineering Certificate Programs
The School of Engineering understands that many working professionals desire to hone in specific skills or develop a new specialty, without necessarily being committed to a graduate degree program.
School of Engineering Graduate Programs
The engineering school's location in the heart of Silicon Valley, engaged and accessible faculty, and state-of-the-art equipment combine to create a powerful learning environment for engineering students.
School of Engineering Undergraduate Studies
School of Law
The Santa Clara University School of Law has a long tradition, drawn from its Jesuit roots, of academic excellence as well as a strong and continuing commitment to engagement, ethics, and social justice.
SCU at a Glance
Santa Clara by the numbers: undergraduate and graduate enrollment, student demographics, faculty and staff profile, athletics overview, and other quick facts.
SCU Classifieds
Find new homes for your unwanted or no-longer-needed items. List your old office furniture or supplies, post personal items such as event tickets, or browse through the latest additions to find what you need.
SCU Earns High Marks from U.S. News
In 2007, for the 18th consecutive year, Santa Clara University was ranked second overall among 127 master's universities in the West by U.S. News & World Report.
SCU Illuminate
A new blog gives platform to thought leaders in SCU's community of faculty, staff, and alumni.
SCU in the News
Read articles about Santa Clara University people and programs featured in print and electronic media.
SCU Job Listings
Find the perfect position in the list of current openings for staff and faculty, updated every day.
SCU Personal Homepage for Farris, Frank
SCU Presents
The Louis B. Mayer Theatre and the Fess Parker Studio Theatre are home to musical, dance, and theatrical productions, plus lectures and special events. The adjacent Music and Dance facility also hosts student performances throughout the year.
SCU Trustee and Silicon Valley Guru
Regis McKenna helped make the Valley of Heart's Delight into today's Silicon Valley. He serves on the University's Board of Trustees and is a founding member of SCU's Center for Science, Technology, and Society.
SCU Virtual Tour
Take a virtual tour of SCU's Main Campus, the Leavey School of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, and Housing through a walking tour, 360 degree panoramas, videos, and photos.
SCU Virtual Tour
Before you come for a visit, get a preview of Santa Clara's beautiful campus with our online slideshow.
SCU Vision Statement
The principles that guide us to become the university we aspire to be and close gaps between this goal and our present achievements.
Please use this form to direct an inquiry for more information to the Santa Clara University Undergraduate Admissions office, and to be added to our mailing list.
Senior Year Crossroads
Senior Year Crossroads is a comprehensive web-based resource designed to help you organize your senior year and ease your way into post-college life.
Site Index
Alphabetical index of SCU Web sites.
Site Search
The SCU Site Search system includes Google's index of all public servers, publicly accessible directory information for SCU organizations, faculty, and staff, campus map locations, and campus events.
Soccer, Men
Headlines, schedules, results, roster, statistics
Soccer, Women
Headlines, schedules, results, roster, statistics
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
Our mission is to strengthen and unite the Santa Clara University SWE Section by engaging students in activities that will promote excellence in the engineering field.
Sociology Department
Santa Clara's Sociology program combines a strong liberal arts orientation with an Applied Sociology component emphasizing private sector business and human service organizations.
Softball, Women
Headlines, schedules, results, roster, statistics
Software Training Registration
Technology training resources for SCU faculty, staff and students.
Spirituality and Health Institute (SHI)
The Spirituality and Health Institute (SHI) is devoted to exploring the complex relationship between spirituality and health from an interdisciplinary, multicultural perspective.
Sponsored Projects
To support faculty initiated research and other programs, including curriculum development, laboratory improvement, partnerships with industry, training and community outreach, this office assists with applications for and management of the University's many grants and external funding sources.
St. Clare Garden
This garden is a memorial to St. Clare of Assisi (c. 1193-1253), religious mystic and follower of apostolic poverty, spiritual friend of St. Francis, and the first woman in Western Europe to compose a rule of religious life for women. The garden contains plants arranged in five main groups to portray the stages of Clare's life.
Staff Policy Manual
Staff Senate
As a constituent organization, along with the Faculty Senate and Associated Students, the Staff Senate shall operate as a recognized part of the University governance system to provide a forum for open communication and ongoing dialogue among staff and between staff and administration.
Statement of Purpose
How Santa Clara University dedicates itself to the education of the whole person within the Catholic and Jesuit tradition.
STS Nexus
STS NEXUS is a semi-annual publication of the Center for Science Technology and Society, with in-depth coverage of Center initiatives that illuminate key issues related to the dynamic interplay among science, technology, and society.
Student Alumni Program
Student Ambassadors
The Ambassadors are a group of current SCU students who are dedicated to representing Santa Clara from the student perspective.
Student Bar Association
On our campus, the SBA represents the interests of law students in their relationship with faculty administration, alumni and the surrounding community.
Student Call Center
We are a focused, creative, and energetic group of people which strives to strengthen alumni relations and to improve our communication skills in order to meet our monetary and alumni participation goals.
Student Life
Student Loan Services
A division of Student Financial Services.
Student Organizations
There are more than 100 official student clubs and groups sponsored by the Center for Student Leadership, for professional, social, athletic, service, and creative interests.
Student Technology Services
The Student Technology Services group is part of the Information Technology Department at Santa Clara University. We provide technical assistance with personal computing technology to all SCU students, and in-room computer and communications support for resident students.
Students as Research Partners
Study Abroad
Approximately one-third of SCU students study abroad, with program opportunities in more than 40 countries.
Summer Program
Undergraduate courses in arts and sciences are open to SCU students and non-students; graduate-level courses in business, engineering, law, education, counseling psychology, and pastoral ministries are open to registered students.
Sustainability at SCU
Get updates on SCU's efforts to improve environmental sustainability in and around our campus and community.
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