Equal Access Team 2013

     Equal Access (EA) is a non-profit using mass communications to create positive change for underserved communities. They have reached millions of underserved people through their radio programs in nine different countries, and they plan on increasing the numbers of their audience even further. Team Nepal plans to help them on two main fronts: mobile technology and business structure. For the former, Lizzy plans to find a better SMS Platform for EA to send and receive mass texts to and from its audience as well as research the mobile potential of the audience in Nepal, one of EA’s most successful country offices. Niki intends to create a cost-benefit analysis of how Equal Access can leverage its existing audience outreach to create a desirable source of earned income for expansion.

    Team Nepal will deliver reports on its research and discoveries to the enterprise in the fall. The reports will provide recommendations on the best strategic options to diversify revenue and the most appropriate SMS platform for Nepal as well as projections of current and future mobile usage. For the business plan analysis, data on listener demographics and evidence of market potential will be collected through interviews, observations, and secondary reports. To understand SMS platforms, tests on two axis, usability and scalability, will be performed to determine the merits of various SMS platforms. Interviews, observations, and scholarly articles will be used to gather information on projections of mobile usage. Reports may take the form of papers, PowerPoint presentations, or videos. Much of the data will be synthesized in the fall, but daily records will be kept in detail over the summer to facilitate analysis.

    The first two weeks of work will be spent in both San Francisco to understand the workings of EA headquarters and in Santa Clara to conduct scalability testing on SMS platforms. The three weeks abroad in Kathmandu will involve identifying potential market segmentations through interviews, testing the usability of the SMS platforms, and collecting information on mobile phone usage in Nepal.


Final Team Report

To see more on the overall findings of the Equal Access team, check back in Fall 2013!

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Niki Agrawal

Nikita (Niki) Agrawal is a Psychobiology major and International Business minor student at Santa Clara University (class of 2014). Her interest in social entrepreneurship stems from her experience studying abroad for five months in India, where a Socioeconomics course with field excursions introduced her to the social work being done in the developing world.

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Lizzy Donahue

gsbf, 2013

Lizzy Donahue is a Computer Science and Engineering major graduating the summer of 2014. On choosing Computer Science as her major she soon realized the dismal numbers of other women enrolled in similar programs and quickly felt herself drawn to the cause of inspiring other women to join Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine related fields (particularly, of course, Computer Science).

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