The Willem P. Roelandts and Maria Constantino-Roelandts Grant Program

in Science and Technology for Social Benefit

Request for Proposals
Research Grant Program Fall 2013

The Center for Science, Technology, and Society (the Center) requests research proposals in science and technology for social benefit. The mission of the Center is to accelerate global, innovation-based entrepreneurship in service to humanity. Researchers from all disciplines and academic fields are encouraged to apply for funding through this program. The deadline is Thursday October 17, 2013, at 5pm.

Roelandts Request for Proposals (PDF)

Special note to applicants for priority (tier one) funding: the text of your research proposal should describe your collaboration or partnership with a social enterprise or frugal innovation organization. Describing the enterprise or organization, and your intention for collaboration, is good. Describing the nature of collaboration that has taken and will take place is better. Describing the benefit to the social enterprise or frugal innovation organization is best. If you have an email from the enterprise expressing interest, feel free to include that in your research proposal text. 


I. New features for 2013

Note several changes to the Roelandts’ Grants Program. This year initiates a two tiered application process, preferentially supporting enhanced collaboration between Santa Clara University and the social entrepreneurship movement. Students or student teams seeking funding must arrange for a faculty or staff member to serve as their advisor, who then becomes the principal investigator (or PI). Students needing help securing a faculty supervisor may consult with Keith Warner OFM (, CSTS Director of Education and Action Research.

Tier One. Priority funding will be provided to faculty conducting research with potential applicability to social entrepreneurship, frugal innovation, or social impact investment. There is no set funding limit for priority funding. Faculty applicants could initiate relationships with social enterprises, describe an ongoing relationship with social enterprises, or explain general applicability of their research to organizations within this movement. Successful applications would articulate succinctly the applicability of their research to the mission and the needs of specific enterprises or the social entrepreneurship movement. Potential applicants are urged to consult with one of the following prior to submission: Keith Warner OFM (, or CSTS Director of Education; Radha Basu (, Director of Frugal Innovation Lab. Applicants who wish to or are working with social enterprises may request priority funding at any time by contacting Keith Warner OFM. Awards can be for 10 or 18 months with no limit on the amount that can be requested.

Tier Two funding supports research, or research with application of science or technology for social benefit, broadly conceived. Students should secure a faculty supervisor to serve as applicant. Awards can be for 10 or 18 months. The limit on the former is $2000 and the latter $5000. 

Awardees will be expected to submit a report describing project outcome(s) to the Center upon completion; provide a short blog post and photos or video documentation of the research project; and present at the Roelandts poster sessions (generally in May). Public presentation or publication of results in refereed journals is also encouraged. 

It is anticipated that awards will be announced no later than Monday, November 4, 2013. The start date on the grant will be the date of the award. Awardees will be expected to present results at a poster session during May following the award, and final project results 18 months following the award.


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