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Final Research Report

by Danielle Dhanoa and Mary Nienow-Birch

Beginning in June 2012, our team spent 6 weeks in Bathinda, Punjab working with E- Healthpoint (GSBI™ 2008) and the rural communities it serves. Under the direction of Dr. Sumeet Ahluwalia, Associate Vice President & Head of Health Operations, and Amit Jain, CEO, we conducted research in order to produce recommendations for standardizing the existing water distribution model, and assessing the potential for offering rural health insurance.


Meet The Students:




Danielle Dhanoa

Mary Nienow-Birch
Public Health Science
Political Science


The Hosting Social Enterprise: 




eHealthpoint (EHP) clinics deliver improved health and productivity to low income populations in India using broadband wireless to provide affordable point-of-care medical services & clean drinking water facilities. Clinics operates in rural areas and small towns that do not have ready acces to quality medical services such as: medical consultations, genuine medicines, reliable diagnostics, and safe drinking water. EHP focuses on regions that contain households where one or more family members earns at least $2 per day. In India, the number of people that can potentially benefit from EHP innovation is estimated to be more than 200 million.