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Fundacion Paraguaya Final Report

by Ashley Armstrong, Michelle Maddex, Amanda Nelson

In this report, the team critically examined the strengths and weaknesses that they observed at Fundacion Paraguaya in several areas: organizational structure; market demands and consumer behavior; education, support and relationships; and poverty impact measurement.


Microfinance: A Tool for Diminishing Food Insecurity

by Ashley Armstrong

This research looks at the primary factors affecting food insecurity in Paraguay, and it examines how microfinance alleviates food insecurity and how it can make an even more significant impact on the problem.


Applying Lessons from Women's Economic Behavior to Create MFI Savings Products for Women's Committees

by Amanda Nelson

Poor women face unique financial pressures - they are often the "managers" of their household and carry greater parenthood responsibilities. Understanding the "uniqueness" in the way women save can be used to create saving products specifically for women's committees served by MFIs.


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Ashley Armstrong


Michelle Maddex


Amanda Nelson



The Hosting Social Enterprise: 


Established in 1985, Fundación Paraguaya is a social enterprise that promotes entrepreneurship and provides services aimed at helping people overcome poverty. It is one the originators of the education that pays for itself model where poor teenagers go to school part time and they run businesses affiliated with the school such as a restaurant, hotel, organic vegetable farm, and dairy farm the other half of the time so that they incorporate their classroom lessons into practical experience. The profits from these businesses, in turn, go back to the school to cover operating expenses so that the students do not have to pay anything. Fundación Paraguaya also runs junior achievement programs through which it teaches entrepreneurial skills to underprivileged youths, and it has developed a microfinance branch for which fellows worked. Microfinance provides small loans to poor people who are excluded from the formal banking sector. The loans offer the opportunity for poor people to grow their businesses and secure basic necessities. Fundación Paraguaya loans primarily to women and uses a group-based model where women who receive loans are part of a committee that is responsible for each individual member repaying their loans. At these committee meetings, Fundación Paraguaya offers educational lessons designed to help women manage their loan resourcefully.