Energy Sector Focus

Our Clean Energy focus began in 2009 with a specific focus on working with organizations tackling the problem of the 1.5 billion people living off the electrical grid. Energy is one of the most urgent development challenges and appropriate solutions have the potential to create sustainable positive impact for billions.

Energy Map

energymap_genericAround the world, social entrepreneurs are pioneering methods to bring affordable renewable energy to the 1.5 billion people without grid electricity and the 3 billion people cooking with polluting, unhealthy traditional stoves. While they currently serve only a fraction of the existing market, the technologies and business models they are developing have the potential, if successfully scaled and replicated, to serve almost everyone. To help you better understand energy delivery for customers underserved by traditional markets, and the technologies and business models being used to help empower the bottom billions, we have created the Energy Map.


Accelerating Widespread Adoption of Distributed Energy:
Solutions Targeting Small &  Medium-sized Enterprises

Our latest research paper, Accelerating Widespread Adoption of Distributed Energy: Solutions: Targeting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, is available for download here.

Distributed energy is a critical driver for new business creation and the growth of small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the developing world; the SME sector is also an engine for driving adoption of distributed energy solutions. SMEs provide the majority of jobs in developing countries. Combining productive use, reducing costs, and improving financing of energy solutions for SMEs can accelerate adoption of distributed energy essential for economic growth in the developing world. We propose designing energy solutions that match a SME’s productive use, and linking these solutions to appropriate energy financing.

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