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Rashmi Bharti
AVANI has created a sustainable profit making rural business that produces and markets high quality, hand made natural textiles and natural lifestyle products like natural art supplies, paints and organic detergents. Read the full profile »
Javier Lozano
Clinicas del Azucar
Clinicas del Azucar provides affordable, specialized, and convenient diabetes care to the middle and low-income population of Mexico. Read the full profile »
Nitin Gachhayat
Drishtee Development and Communications is a rural distribution network, which is delivering need-based products and services to the rural community. Over the past 12 years DDCL has developed an expertise in rolling out a unique last mile distribution network,built on both Information and Communication Technology (ICT) application and ?ground level entrepreneurship?. Read the full profile »
Heather Franzese
Good World Solutions
Good World Solutions? Labor Link improves the livelihoods and financial security of workers at the base of global supply-chains, using the transformative power of mobile. The tool leverages inexpensive mobile phone technology to collect anonymous information directly from workers about their working/living conditions and delivers actionable data to multinational brands to inform strategic decisions in their supply chains. The two-way platform also pushes relevant content to workers on rights, access to services, health and education. Labor Link allows workers to access empowering information and report to distant buyers on true conditions, becoming the agents of their own employment and economic development. In addition, buyers access real-time data and increased supply chain transparency, forming a direct connection to workers to address high-risk issues and maximize their impact in a cost-effective way. Read the full profile »
Manoj Sinha
Husk Power Systems
Husk Power Systems (HPS) is a pioneer in developing and implementing a 100% biomass waste gasification process for generating electricity and distributing power directly to rural households. The company has successfully installed 85 mini-power plants that serve over 250,000 people in more than 300 villages. The HPS decentralized model of electricity generation and distribution was validated on July 31, 2012 when 670 million Indians on the centralized grid suffered blackouts while 250,000 people served by HPS mini-grids had their lights on. Read the full profile »
Manuel Wiechers Banuet
Iluméxico designs and manufactures solar charge controller technology, develops rural electrification projects, and supplements them with development programs and complementary products. Products include various solar powered home systems to energy for businesses as well as Iluméxico's sustainable schools (solar powered computer centers and satellite internet, with libraries and equipment), solar water pumping, refrigeration for rural clinics, community centers, or rural public lighting. Iluméxico's programs offer systems that displaces diesel and candle-use through micro-loans to rural households. Read the full profile »
Nat Robinson
Juhudi Kilimo
10,000 rural smallholder farmers in Kenya which helps increase incomes and improves the productivity of farms. The assets financed include dairy cows, poultry, greenhouses, irrigation equipment, and biogas digester. Read the full profile »
Thirunavukkarasu Rajendran
Kinara Capital
Kinara Capital provides term loans, short term working capital loans, and bill discounting facility to producers and providers across a value chain for asset purchase or working capiwtal needs. Our loan tenures are flexible and repayment is done by collecting postdated cheques. Kinara provides business skills training to the borrowers, where necessary, to improve their ability to manage cash flows and reduce the risk of default. Read the full profile »
Cliff Schmidt
Literacy Bridge
Literacy Bridge provides the world?s most effective last-mile distance education platform and delivery service called the Talking Book, designed for approximately 800 million low-literate people living in off-grid rural villages. The Talking Book has provided impoverished families with low-cost, easy access to on-demand, practical knowledge on sustainable farming methods and key health practices. Read the full profile »
Mitra Ardon
Lumeter Networks
LUMETER NETWORKS has developed a low-cost pre-paid electricity meter and cloud-based accounting platform that enables the extension of renewable energy to the 1.3B people globally in communities living off-the-electrical-grid. We will sell these meters to renewable energy companies in developing countries who will use them to enable service provision via tamper-proof micro-grids to poor households. The meters enable those households to pay for their electricity as they use it, similar to how people buy credits on a pre-paid mobile phone. We offer unique advantages in flexibility (works with wind, solar, hydro or biomass and any vendor), affordability (1/5 the cost of other solutions), and scalability (global reach). Read the full profile »
Ramesh Kumar Nibhoria
Nishant Bioenergy
Nishant Bioenergy is a pioneer company in developing processed biomass-fueled institutional cook stoves. These stoves are efficient, smokeless, durable, affordable and they save more than 50% in fuel costs when replacing LPG cooking. Read the full profile »
Kishan Nanavati
Spring Health Water Ltd.
Spring Health, a division of Windhorse International, sells affordable safe water to rural Indians through local kiosk owners, purifying water at the point of sale using chlorine and other oxidants made through a simple electro-chlorination technique. Read the full profile »


Allison Archambault '12
EarthSpark International
EarthSpark International builds clean energy supply chains and local ?clean energy stores? to source and distribute clean energy products to eradicate energy poverty. Read the full profile »
Michael Benedict '12
Carbon Keeper
Carbon Keeper provides hosted mobile and web-based software for customer and supply chain management in rural energy businesses, without the cost of custom software development. Read the full profile »
Philip Goodwin '12
Lifeline Technologies Trading Ltd. (LTTL)
Lifeline Technologies develops and manufactures appropriate products for development initiatives for the last billion. Read the full profile »
Lieselotte Heederik '12
Nazava Water Filters (Pt. Holland for Water)
Nazava Water Filters provides the most affordable and safe household water filters in Indonesia. Read the full profile »
Rahab Karanja '12
Kilimo Salama
Kilimo Salama (?Safe Agriculture?) provides affordable agricultural insurance to small-scale Kenyan farmers, protecting their investment against drought and prolonged rains. Read the full profile »
Stephen Katsaros '12
Nokero International Ltd.
Nokero designs and manufactures solar lights and phone chargers that are durable and affordable for communities without access to electricity, eliminating the use of toxic fuels burned for light, and through an enterprise-based distribution model, spurring local entrepreneurship and economic growth. Nokero has delivered over 250,000 solar lights to more than 125 countries and territories worldwide. Read the full profile »
Shazia Khan '12
EcoEnergy Finance
EcoEnergyFinance delivers affordable clean energy solutions to the rural poor in Pakistan. Read the full profile »
Joseph Nganga '12
Solanterns (Renewable Energy Ventures)
Solanterns provides clean, bright, long lasting, shatterproof, and affordable solar lanterns to the over 70% of off-grid households in Kenya. Read the full profile »
Susaneve Oguya '12
M-Farm Ltd.
M-Farm is an SMS based tool that allows farmers to determine appropriate prices for their products, buy their farm inputs directly from manufacturers at favorable prices, find buyers for their produce, connect with manufacturers, aggregate farmers? orders, and sell collectively. These tools allow farmers to increase their productivity and livelihoods. Read the full profile »
Bbaale Richard '12
BaNaPads Social Enterprise Ltd.
BaNaPads manufactures and provides affordable, eco-friendly sanitary pads to rural Ugandan primary school girls. Read the full profile »
Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ramirez '12
SalaUno offers free and low-cost cataract surgery to the bottom of the pyramid at affordable prices with timely delivery and outstanding patient-oriented service. Read the full profile »
Elizabeth Scharpf '12
Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE)
Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE) invests in people and ideas that would traditionally not be seen as vehicles of change. Read the full profile »
Anuj Sharma '12
Sarvajal (Piramal Water Pvt. Ltd.)
Sarvajal, a clean-water franchise business in India, equips local entrepreneurs to sell clean water through electronic point-of-sale technology (Water ATMs), and a cellular-based water metering and quality control system, both of which track our social impact in real time. Read the full profile »
Shivani Siroya '12
InVenture aims to connect investors with small businesses in developing countries to help them expand beyond sole proprietorships and create jobs within their communities. Read the full profile »
Andree Sosler '12
Potential Energy / Darfur Stoves Project
The Darfur Stoves Project provides fuel-efficient cook stoves to Darfuri women, which require as little as 1/4 the amount of firewood, and cook food in as little as 1/10 the amount of time as traditional three-stone fires. Read the full profile »
Robert Sutton '12
UbiLuz provides high-quality, environmentally-friendly solar-based LED home lighting and other renewable energy solutions, which are practical, affordable and durable to the 7.3 million people in Central America who lack access to grid electricity. Read the full profile »
Venkataramani Vedula '12
OneChildOneLight (OCOL)
OneChildOneLight (OCOL) hopes to provide every child who is dependent on kerosene or fossil fuels for studying at night with a solar energy light that is bright, non-polluting, dependable, safe, and low cost. Read the full profile »
Hugo Verkuijl '12
Mali Biocarburant MBSA)
Mali Biocarburant (MBSA) is a biodiesel processor that works with more than 8,000 small Jatropha curcas (Jatropha) farmers in 3 regions of Mali and 2 regions in Burkina Faso. Read the full profile »
Rachel Zedeck '12
Backpack Farm Agriculture Program
Backpack Farm Agriculture Program's primary goal is to provide for smallholder farmers' needs in East Africa by providing them with access to affordable sustainable agriculture technology in combination with a core capacity training program. Read the full profile »
Ola Abraham '11
EastWind Laboratories (Nigeria)
EastWind Laboratories provides an affordable, clean alternate energy solution via inverter-battery combo for electricity- starved Nigerian households and businesses, and thereby creates silent, pollution-free, cost-efficient, available, and affordable electricity unlike fossil-fuel (gasoline/diesel) generators. Read the full profile »
Guirlaine Celius '11
Haiti Community Development Inc. (Haiti)
Haiti Community Development (HCDI) will implement a solar powered chicken and egg agribusiness model in rural Haiti to help meet Haiti's food security needs. Read the full profile »
Julian Cuevas '11
Kurago Biotek (Mexico)
To address the multiple health issues caused by digestive malfunctions, Kurago Biotek has developed a new technology that delivers a superior benefit by going back to basics: functional food. Read the full profile »
Sebastian Ernesto Africano '11
Trees, Water & People (Haiti)
Trees, Water & People (TWP) has established that poor urban families in Haiti spend between 40% - 60% of their $1/day (USD) income on cooking fuel and are consuming biomass resources at a rate much faster than they are replacing them. Read the full profile »
Therese Clarence Fernandez-Ruiz '11
Rags2Riches, Inc. (Philippines)
Rags2Riches creates high-end fashion and home masterpieces that are created and co-owned by 400 women artisans from urban poor communities, created with upcycled scrap materials that used to add to landfills, and are designed by world-renowned designers. Read the full profile »
Shawn Frayne '11
Coho Solar (Guatemala)
The energy provided by AA/C/D disposable batteries is 1,000 times more expensive than solar energy on a cost per kilowatt hour basis. Read the full profile »
Piyush Jaju '11
Punam Energy Private Ltd. - ONergy (India)
ONergy is a renewable energy venture providing lighting, cooking and electrification solutions to rural India. Read the full profile »
Mark Joaquin Ruiz '11
MicroVentures Inc. - Hapinoy (Philippines)
Hapinoy (aka, "Happy Filipino") eliminates the chasm that separates the poorest individuals from the formal economy by providing a scalable and sustainable platform for distribution and new business development. Read the full profile »
William Kisaalita '11
Thermogenn (Uganda)
Thermogenn provides small-scale renewable energy-powered (biogas) milk coolers to rural and peri-urban smallholder dairy farmers with no access to grid electricity so they can preserve and sell their evening milk the following day, as opposed to conversion to lower-value products like ghee or waste. Read the full profile »
Katherine Lucey '11
Solar Sister (Uganda)
Solar Sister empowers women through economic opportunity. Using a market based solution to eradicate energy poverty in rural communities throughout Africa, Solar Sister gives women the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty. Read the full profile »
Ben Lyon '11
Kopo Kopo Inc. (Global)
Kopo Kopo facilitates the expansion of mobile financial services to the "last mile". They leverage internet and mobile technology to lower institutional barriers to entry, increase efficiencies, and empower both enterprise customers and the people they serve. Read the full profile »
Slavka Macakova '11
ETP Slovakia - Centre for Sustainable Development (Slovakia)
ETP Slovakia - Centre for Sustainable Development, addresses "cradle-to-grave" challenges by providing high quality services in cooperation with local, national and international partners Read the full profile »
Federico Maria Grati '11
Agroils SRL - Smart Oil (Ghana)
Smart Oil produces sustainable biofuels from non-edible forestry species like Jatropha curcas. By enhancing the value of by-products, a key part in reaching sustainability, aims to introduce relevant quantities of detoxified seed cake to local farmers to be used as animal feed, charcoal for organic farming, and as an alternative to firewood. Read the full profile »
Jessica Mayberry '11
Video Volunteers (India)
Video Volunteers trains people from the poorest sections of Indian society in community media. These Community Producers are well-trained, have access to fascinating stories of struggle as well as positive social change, and they themselves have experienced the issues of injustice and corruption they report on. Read the full profile »
Lesley Silverthorn '11
Angaza Design (East Africa)
Angaza Design is dedicated to making clean and affordable energy accessible to the 150 million East Africans without access to electricity. Angaza aims to replace the dependence on dim and toxic kerosene lanterns, with clean, bright solar-powered LED lights. Read the full profile »
Maria Springer '11
Lively Hoods
Maria Springer is founder of Lively Hoods, and co-founder of Kito International. Maria has worked with the Department of Justice in Spain, the Political Ecology Institute in Chile, AFSCME labor union, Senator Dianne Feinstein and incarcerated and orphaned youth in Portugal and Los Angeles. Read the full profile »
Salinee Tavaranan '11
Border Green Energy Team (Thailand/Burma)
For hundreds of thousands of people living in the remote areas along the Thailand/Burma border without access to national grid power, the Border Green Energy Team (BGET) provides solar powered systems. Read the full profile »
Jeroen Verschelling '11
Kamworks Ltd. - MoonLight (Cambodia)
For approximately 10 million off-grid rural people in Cambodia, the MoonLight solar lantern provides an affordable, clean and safe alternative to cumbersome car battery charging or inefficient, hazardous, and unhealthy kerosene lighting. Read the full profile »
Jason Aramburu '10
re:char (Worldwide)
Provides rural energy through small-scale biomass pyrolysis plants, which convert agricultural and animal wastes into carbon negative electricity and biochar. The biochar is a high-carbon soil amendment which provides a way to permanently sequester atmospheric carbon and improve crop yields worldwide. Read the full profile »
Livingstone Bangi '10
Energy Plus (Uganda)
Pre-fabricated electrical wiring systems Read the full profile »
Daniel Bode '10
Mission Goorgoorlu (Senegal)
Outboard Motors Read the full profile »
Anita Maria de Moura '10
Solar Ear (Worldwide)
Solar Ear manufactures low-cost, solar-powered hearing aids with a workforce that is deaf. With a purchase price of only $100 (vs. equivalent products priced at $750), Solar Ear makes hearing aids available for low-income people who could not otherwise afford one. In addition, Solar Ear partners provides training, education and employment opportunities for deaf people in the local communities they serve. Read the full profile »
Jon Charles Gore '10
Tujijenge (Tanzania)
Provides flexible, transparent and well-priced financial products that empower people at the bottom of the pyramid to improve their quality of life. Building on the foundation of credit and savings, Tujijenge addresses the need of access to technology, healthcare and energy. Read the full profile »
Rajnish Jain '10
AVANI (India)
Avanis systems are custom assembled based on customer needs, and consist of a solar panel, a battery, and several lights. The systems are built by local community members using the Barefoot College solar technician training methodology. Read the full profile »
Vinod Kaushik '10
Jaipur Rugs (India)
Training carpet artisans Read the full profile »
Bright Naiman '10
Africa Biofuel (ABF) (Tanzania)
Cultivates and produces biofuel for diesel generators, trucks, farming equipment, and pure plant oil generators providing power for off-grid distribution in rural Tanzania. Using non-edible nuts from the croton tree, ABF will support the production of clean, affordable energy and create a ?green? stimulus for Tanzania?s economy. Read the full profile »
Cosmas Okoli '10
Mobility Aid and Appliances Research and Development Centre (MAARDEC)(Nigeria)
Mobility Aid Research Read the full profile »
Rolf Papsdorf '10
Alternative Energy Development Corporation (AEDC) (South Africa)
Using zinc air fuel cell technology, AEDC provides environmentally friendly energy to thousands of people living off the grid in rural African communities. Partnering with mining companies and local community leaders, AEDC develops local entrepreneurs to run service shops for fuel cell recharging, and offers basic electricity services at a cost less than what consumers typically pay for candles and paraffin. Read the full profile »
Somnath Pyne '10
The Force for Rural Empowerment and Economic Development (FREED) (India)
Clean biofuel from jatropha plants Read the full profile »
Antonio Schettino '10
Act/if ElectroPower (Mexico)
LED Lighting Solutions Read the full profile »
Cliff Schmidt '10
Literacy Bridge (Ghana)
"Talking Books" Read the full profile »
Audrey Seagraves '10
SMS Labor Link: World of Good (Worldwide)
World of Good Development Organization, through their SMS Labor Link, monitors supply chains in the developing world using a worker-centric, values-driven system that provides clothing brands with a customized, near real-time, on-line dashboard of the welfare and earnings of their workers. This system benefits the tens of thousands of informal workers by providing them with needed economic empowerment and labor rights training they lack due to their high level of decentralization and the lack of industry transparency. Read the full profile »
Gbenga Sesan '10
Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) (Nigeria)
Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) is a social enterprise that connects underserved Nigerian youth with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) opportunities. PIN places specific emphasis on the ill effects of unemployment and cybercrime which limit the potential contribution of young Nigerians to the nation?s economy. Having worked with government, civil society, private institutions and international organizations including the United Nations, PIN has set standards in ICT education, telecenter support, and other ICT interventions in Nigeria. Read the full profile »
Laura Stachel '10
WE CARE Solar (Nigeria)
Provides portable solar electric systems to reduce maternal and infant mortality in regions without reliable electricity. These cost-effective, reliable and user friendly systems are easy to maintain and provide lighting, radio communication, and blood product refrigeration to facilitate better care and emergency response for labor and delivery. Read the full profile »
Nigel Waller '10
Movirtu (Africa, Asia)
Movirtu reinvents the way mobile phones are used to increase access to phone services by the rural poor. Their ?cloud phone? provides affordable access to mobile phone services for the 1 billion people who earn between $1-2 a day, cannot afford a phone, but spend 5-30% of their income on phone sharing or village phones. By providing mobile carriers with innovative, low cost infrastructure products, Movirtu enables them to offer customers their own phone numbers and messaging accounts without the expense of owning a phone. Read the full profile »
Hugh Whalan '10
Energy in Common (EIC) (Worldwide)
Makes small-scale remote and rural renewable energy projects financially feasible by partnering with microfinance institutions, providing them with interest-free green energy loans and technical support. Energy in Common also uses a small-scale carbon offset development process to build the capacity of microfinance organizations to implement their own carbon projects on a large scale. Read the full profile »
Sam White '10
Promethean Power Systems (India)
Designs and manufactures solar-powered cooling system for commercial cold-storage applications in developing countries. This energy efficient technology stores and preserves fresh food and enables dairies to immediately cool milk at village collection centers. As a result, transportation costs are reduced by half, milk is saved from spoiling, and farmers earn more income. Read the full profile »
Margarita Barney '09
Group to Promote Education and Sustainable Development (GRUPEDSAC) (Mexico)
GRUPEDSAC has been working for over 20 years to educate, train, and carry out activities to promote the development of sustainable societies for low income, small farmers in Mexico. Simultaneously, the organization works on the development of environmental responsibility among all citizens through and appreciation of indigenous knowledge, skills and systems for increasing the well-being of rural communities. Read the full profile »
Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu '09
Smallholders Foundation (Nigeria)
Jabeen Jambughodawala '09
SAHAJ (India)
SAHAJ comprises of a team of professionals dedicated to developing entrepreneurship in the tribal population of Eastern Gujarat in India by providing a complete package for creating income-generation from home-based craft industries. The services that SAHAJ provides include product design and development, business development, marketing, micro finance, and capacity building. SAHAJ also helps create common facility centers, co-operatives, federations, and business enterprises which enable the tribal population to secure stable livelihoods, improve education, and promote the conditions for healthier lives in an economically viable economy. SAHAJ thus alleviates high unemployment and the ignorance of opportunities that drives unsustainable urban migrations. Read the full profile »
Nik Kafka '09
Teach A Man To Fish (TAMTF) (South America and Africa)
TAMTF supports high schools in developing countries to adopt Education That Pays For Itself, an innovative approach designed to transform children from the poorest of families into economically successful graduates. This approach overcomes access barriers by creating schools which are virtually free and focused on the entrepreneurial and practical skills needed for young people to lift themselves out of poverty. Graduates from a TAMTF school typically earn 2.5 times as much as their peers. Unlike alternative efforts, the TAMTF model is financially sustainable, allowing schools to run indefinitely without additional funding. Read the full profile »
Sanju Kumar '09
SAMRUDHI Micro Finance Society (India)
For the millions of poor households in India who suffer from high rates of hunger and malnutrition and who lack access to credit from formal financial institutions, the SAMRUDHI Micro Finance Society provides cost-effective, livelihood-based, collateral-free, financial services (such as microcredit) to rural and urban poor households. SAMRUDHI reverses the age-old vicious cycle of low income, low savings, low investment, and an expanding system of low income people, through the injection of credit for livelihood investment, more income, more investment, and more income. Read the full profile »
Annapurna Mamidipudi '09
Dastkar Andhra (India)
Dastkar Andhra promotes rural livelihoods by providing technical training for handloom weavers, and linking rural co-operative institutions to marketing networks in urban India. This ensures sustainable livelihoods for handloom weavers who face the threat of large scale migration into urban slums, and helps a generation of weavers to come out of poverty. Unlike government programs which treat handloom work as a welfare activity, or intermediaries and traders with unfair practices, Dastkar Andhra sets up equitable, sustainable, production marketing systems which allow weavers to live with self respect and dignity. Read the full profile »
Yugandhar Mandavkar '09
Grass Roots Action for Social Participation (GRASP) (India)
GRASP provides the rural poor with vertical-draft, energy-efficient wood stoves, which consume less than half of the fuel, have negligible emissions, and work with agricultural residues. GRASP thereby helps rural poor women save time collecting firewood, while alleviating the long-term health hazards to their families from unsafe stoves. Read the full profile »
Mario Martinez '09
Sabbia Telecom (Mexico)
Sabbia Telecom supplies rural telecommunications, voice, and Internet services to those millions of households in isolated and poor communities in Mexico. These services help those who aspire to a higher quality of life by providing greater economic, social, and educational opportunities. Because ARPU (average revenue per user) is particularly low in these regions, most companies don?t consider these markets profitable. Sabbia?s innovative combination of technologies and business acumen overcomes these barriers to provide poor communities the possibility to be better informed, communicate with distant family, and improve their economic lot. Read the full profile »
Gregorie Perez '09
Gifts and Graces Fair Trade Foundation (Philippines)
For the poor and disadvantaged who seek to earn income by making handicrafts and other livelihood products, Gifts and Graces provides product development assistance and training which will help them sharpen their creativity, and improve their craft, and strengthen sales. The market access that Gifts and Graces provides contributes to increased incomes and an improved quality of life though enhanced food security, shelter, health, and educational opportunities for families. The producers also gain pride and self-esteem from being productive, contributing members of society. Unlike producers without product development training and guidance, producers of Gifts and Graces are able to deliver products with innovative, marketable designs and superior craftsmanship. Read the full profile »
Maria Rodriguez '09 (Guatemala)
For rural and slum area habitants in Guatemala, Byoearth develops sustainable worm-casting products, producing a 100% organic fertilizer that recycles degradable waste pollutants, improves the soil?s natural condition, upgrades crops, and enhances the ecosystem, by reducing erosion and improving water retention. Byoearth provides opportunities for the poor to generate income by raising worms. Unlike other fertilizer companies, Byoearth provides environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable products and services. Read the full profile »
Jason Shah '09 (US) provides an innovative and comprehensive platform for low-income high school students to raise SAT test scores and get to the inside track for being admitted to college. is the only full-service free program of its kind, and it outperforms fee-based SAT tutoring programs through its features for enhancing test-taking outcomes. By increasing the college-going rates of low income students, INeedAPencil is narrowing the income-based education achievement gap in the U.S. and helping to foster a more just and equitable world. Read the full profile »
Manoj Sinha '09
Husk Power Systems (India)
HPS provides low-cost power as a pay-for-usage service (similar to a utility in the U.S.) that enables farmers to reduce irrigation costs by 45%, entrepreneurs to create businesses and increase profit margins, and households to dramatically reduce cost/lumen-output ratio (over 200% savings). Further, the service increases productivity in villages as fuel doesn?t have to be procured on foot from cities that are usually 5-7 miles away. Finally, HPS systems eliminate over 190 tons of CO2 emissions annually per village by replacing kerosene, diesel, and methane output with renewable sources. Read the full profile »
Yan Speranza '09
Fundación Moisés Bertoni (FMB) (Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil)
For all those companies that operate in the rural sector, particularly in intensively harvested and conflict prone areas in Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, the Fundación Moisés Bertoni (FMB) offers an integrated system to create environmental, social, and economic alternatives for joint community-corporate management of local resources. Unlike the programs which only try to assist neighbors via donations, FMB offers an integrated solution with the support of skilled technical specialists for improving economic and social conditions. Read the full profile »
Andrew Tanswell '09
ToughStuff (Worldwide)
ToughStuff is a pro-poor social enterprise which provides solar-powered products for low income people, replacing expensive and environmentally damaging kerosene lamps and batteries. Users substantially increase their incomes as these robust products that provide less expensive sources of light and power allowing them to work more effectively and live fuller lives. Read the full profile »
Ali Asghar '08
Roshan Vikas (India)
Roshan Vikas enables India?s urban poor ?predominantly Muslim women, to set up community owned and managed financial institutions that transcend the ?credit minimalist? approach of most micro finance organizations. By helping women to save money, leverage their savings, and raise capital to establish sustainable livelihoods for their families, the communities are enhanced through women empowerment, decreased family violence, an increase in the education of girls, and a reduction in inter religious and inter caste conflicts. Read the full profile »
Chris Benz '08
Craft Network (Indonesia, Worldwide)
Through high-speed satellite communications, Craft Network provides export facilitation and enterprise development services, linking artisans from over 300 fair trade producer groups in the developing world to consumer markets. By breaking down barriers to global markets, thousands of artisans worldwide benefit from job creation, increased sales, strengthened ethical trade practices, and standard of living improvements. Read the full profile »
Neelam Chibber '08
Industree Crafts (India)
Industree Crafts provides millions of artisans and farmers in India the opportunity to work in clusters? honing skill sets, increasing productivity, and earning better and continuous incomes. Workers reinvest their savings to participate in production unit ownership. Read the full profile »
B.S. Choudri '08
Riverbank Filtration (India)
Riverbank Filtration uses riverbank filtration wells?a low cost geological process that?s easily replicated for transforming polluted water into clean natural drinking water for India?s poor. Read the full profile »
Mathias Craig '08
blueEnergy (Nicaragua)
blueEnergy teaches rural Nicaraguans how to design hybrid wind and solar based energy systems which bring affordable, sustainable renewable energy to marginalized communities, and provides the knowledge and skills needed for rural Nicaraguans to build, operate, and maintain their systems. Read the full profile »
Alfonso Gamboa '08
Saravia Blue Crab Cooperative (Philippines)
Provides Phillippines' blue crab fishermen with opportunity to adopt a sustainable fishing method that preserves breeding stock and uses environment friendly biodegradable materials to increase their incomes. Creates additional sources of income for those involved in the crab market value chain' bamboo farmers, pot weavers, and those handling crab meat canning and pasteurization. Read the full profile »
Amit Jain '08
Naandi Foundation (India)
The Naandi Foundation incorporates reverse osmosis and ultra violet technologies to create safe drinking water for India?s poor, resulting in improved health and productivity. Read the full profile »
Tendai Mawunga '08
WISH (PumpAid) (Zimbabwe & Malawi)
WISH utilizes low-cost rope and washer hand pumps to supply clean residential water in Zimbabwe and Malawi with surplus directed to agricultural activities, improving the quality of life for the communities served. Read the full profile »
Deepinder Mohan '08
Environmental Planning Group Ltd (India)
The Environmental Planning Group LTD. provides micro-organism free, drinking water supply for residential and commercial users (homes, hospitals, restaurants, schools) in rural and urban India through reverse osmosis purification at rates 50% less than existing market rates. Read the full profile »
Zipporah Ogwenyi '08
Binti Africa Foundation (Kenya)
The Binti Africa Foundation provides poor women and girls in Kenya?s rural areas and informal settlements with low cost, affordable, and locally produced sanitary pads. They also offer advice on sanitation and build washrooms in girl?s schools for environmentally safer sanitary pad disposal. Read the full profile »
David Okello '08
Coast Coconut Farms (Kenya)
Coast Coconut turns the sale of coconut oil, produced from an abundant natural resource into a profitable and sustainable business for millions of East Africa?s poor. It distributes affordable coconut oil processing equipment, using a microfranchise model that gives rural families access to capital, equipment, training and international sales for their products. This creates viable, sustainable livelihoods. Read the full profile »
Prachet Kumar Shrestha '08
Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness (Nepal)
This organization provides high quality, low cost solar photo-voltaic lighting system to replace the traditional kerosene wicked lamp for Nepal?s rural poor, reducing carbon emissions and indoor air pollution. Read the full profile »
Thomas Stehl '08
Meds & Food for Kids (Haiti)
MFK saves the lives of Haiti?s malnourished children and HIV positive adults by providing donor organizations, NGOs, medical missions, and healthcare providers with access to high-quality, competitively priced Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) ? an energy-dense, enriched peanut paste that is linked to recovery rates exceeding 90%, and at a cost <$60 per person. Produced by Haitians, using the country?s raw materials whenever possible, MFK?s nutritional paste maximizes impact while contributing to the social and economic development of one of the world?s poorest countries. Read the full profile »
David Stein '08
Vanuatu Renewable Energy and Power Association (Vanuatu)
This organization provides renewable and environmentally friendly energy products for the rural poor in Vanuatu and other Pacific Island countries. As an alternative to conventional energy sources such as kerosene, candle and disposable batteries, these products supply households with improved energy services at a lower cost and generate income from charging services at community owned charging stations. Read the full profile »
Anais Tuepker '08
Preciva Health (USA,Worldwide)
The Preciva portable cervical screening and diagnosis method offers an immediate, visual, cost effective, highly accurate way to monitor cervical health. Such screening is presently available to paying beneficiaries in Northwestern, United States and to those with subsidized services in South Africa. Unlike conventional screening methods, Preciva enables healthcare providers to monitor early stage tissue changes, provide faster test results to patients, and discuss treatment options in a timely manner. Read the full profile »
Padmanabha Rao Yerravalli '08
Rishi Valley Institute for Educational Resources (India)
RIVER has developed a multi-grade, multi-level (MGML) methodology in primary education for under privileged children in rural India. Its flexible, open source initiatives permit teachers to collaborate in designing educational programs that meet their particular needs, with emphasis on activity based learning. The model currently benefits children and teachers in over 65,000 primary schools. Read the full profile »
Mohammed Abba '07
Mobah Rural Horizons (Nigeria)
Provides and electricity free refrigeration system, which is simple to comprehend and operate by illiterate villagers, very cost effective selling and sustainable. Read the full profile »
V. Balakrishna '07
Centre for Women's Development and Research (India)
Centre for Women's Development and Research provides education and training for poor women to help them become economically independent. Read the full profile »
Rahul Barkataky '07
CFM: Community Friendly Movement (India)
CFM thrives to create a global market for handmade products made by artisan communities in India so that they are able to create employment opportunities to around 10 million people who are depended on handicrafts for their livelihood. Read the full profile »
Joachim Ezeji '07
Rural Africa Water Development Project (RAWDP) (Nigeria)
Improve access to safe drinking water through household water treatment technologies and other interventions. Read the full profile »
Elizabeth Hausler '07
Build Change (Indonesia, Haiti, China)
Builds earthquake-resistant houses in developing countries and changes construction practice permanently so that homeowners in seismically active developing countries are safe and satisfied. Read the full profile »
Ravi Krishna '07
Ziqitza HealthCare Limited (India)
Ziqitza HealthCare Limited provides Emergency Medical Service (EMS) to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. Owns and operates the first stand alone, private EMS in the city of Mumbai and aims to be the national EMS provider. Read the full profile »
Dan Matthews '07
Meridian Design, Inc. (United States, Worldwide)
Designs and sells portable water purification devices which are innovative in their size, capabilities and low cost to manufacture. Read the full profile »
Ramesh Nibhoria '07
Nishant Bioenergy Pvt. Limited (India)
Provides innovative designed Biomass Stove, which are smoke free, free from worries of collection of biomass, does not require handling of ash and is cost saving too, for rural poor people and thereby creates local employment and saves time of the women to enable them to spend quality time with family or earn some money from the time saved. Read the full profile »
Neera Nundi '07
Dasra (India)
Dasra builds collaborations with organizations providing valuable consulting on strategic, management, and organizational challenges focusing particularly on financial, advisory, and investment. Read the full profile »
Caroline Nyami-Kisia '07
AfriAfya (South Africa)
Uses modern information communication technologies (ICT?s) to provide relevant actionable health and development information to disadvantaged communities in rural areas and in urban informal settlements in Kenya. Read the full profile »
Karen Piegorsch '07
Synergo (United States,Guatemala)
Provides an ergonomics consulting process that results in creative, practical and sustainable solutions to business concerns with productivity and product quality, thereby substantially increasing artisan earning potential while concurrently preventing serious damage to artisan health. Read the full profile »
Kristina Shafer '07
Clean Gold Mining in Surinam (Surinam)
The Clean Gold sluice is an inexpensive, safe, non-chemical alternative that quickly recovers finer gold than mercury; increasing the miner's income without the health risks mercury poses to miners, wildlife and communities. Read the full profile »
Angelique Smit '07
Ideas at Work (Cambodia)
Manufactures, sells and leases a manual water lifting device, what is designed with low-income Cambodian villagers in mind who are looking to improve their quality of their life and lighten the burden of mainly women and girls as household water collection is their task. Read the full profile »
Satish Sompalli '07
THRIVE (Great Britain, India)
Provides low cost LED lighting which are fail proof, consume very low power, provide clean lighting and do not emit any smoke to tribes and rural areas all over the world, where electricity is scarce. Read the full profile »
Carol Tappenden '07
GreaterGood (South Africa)
Facilitates innovative engagement and effective, responsible giving, by providing the South African public, NPO and business sectors with an easy access to social investment opportunities through their unique website, national call-to-action campaigns, and specialized social investment services. Read the full profile »
Wayan Vota '07
IESC Geekcorp (United States, Macedonia)
Increases the profitability and efficiency of small and medium sized businesses in emerging markets, with its unique reserve of international technology experts who provide firm-level technology-focused technical assistance, creating a vibrant and innovative private sector. Read the full profile »
Gavin White '07
Video Volunteers (United States, India)
Video Volunteers provides community media solutions, which are a platform for community voice and local development for millions of poor and marginalized communities in the developing world that have no access to critical information. Read the full profile »
Joseph Adelegan '06
Cows to Kilowatts (Nigeria)
Installs biogas plants to create a cheap source of domestic energy, abate pollution, and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from one of Africa?s largest slaughterhouses where unabated pollution threatens citizen?s health, and need for affordable cooking gas runs high. Read the full profile »
Collins Apuoyo '06
Enterprise Professional Services (Kenya)
Improving the livelihoods and environmental outcomes of slum dwellers living along the Mukuru-Ngong River by piloting a used oil collection and recycling facility. Read the full profile »
Stephen Carson '06
MIT OpenCourseWare (USA, Worldwide)
OCW provides educators, students, and self-learners worldwide with access to MIT educational materials that may be used, copied, and modified for non-commercial purposes. Read the full profile »
Matthew Flannery '06
Kiva (United States, Worldwide)
Kiva has developed the world?s first ever online peer-to-peer microfinance lending platform for connecting lenders with small to medium enterprises in developing countries. Lenders all over the world can loan to micro businesses in developing countries, with ?deal flows? developed through local partner organizations in micro-finance. Read the full profile »
Tinshu Gemhu '06
Helps International (HINT) (Cameroon)
Provides computer literacy training and internet-related livelihood opportunities through ICT centers in Cameroon. Read the full profile »
Edgardo Herbosa '06 (Philippines, Worldwide)
Provides up to the minute price information for agriculture, consumer, and industrial manufacturers. Enables e-commerce between to rural farmers through b2bpricenow digital centers creating an electronic marketplace. Read the full profile »
Christopher Johnson '06
ifPeople (United States)
Delivers interactive online collaboration and communication applications and strategies for value-driven enterprises. Read the full profile »
Bal Joshi '06
Thamel Dot Com Pvt. Ltd. (Nepal)
Thamel?s internet portal creates a channel for Nepal?s Diaspora to make low cost remittances and other gifts to family and friends and, at the same time, this portal makes Nepalese products and services accessible to Nepal migrant workers around the world. Products available through this portal are sourced, produced and delivered locally within Nepal. Read the full profile »
Liza Kimbo '06
Sustainable Healthcare Foundation (Kenya)
Establishes for-profit clinics in rural and urban slum areas to provide access to skilled nursing health services and low cost generic drugs utilizing a sustainable franchise model to achieve scale and wider market reach. Read the full profile »
Marc Krizack '06
Whirlwind Wheelchair International (USA, Worldwide)
Whirlwind designs wheelchairs that can be built and maintained through a small to medium scale production network in developing countries. In addition to standardized designs it provides training and support to the local businesses that build these wheelchairs and social marketing support through the independent living movement in developing countries. Read the full profile »
Graham Macmillian '06
VisionSpring (formerly Scojo Foundation) (Worldwide)
VisionSpring provides low cost reading glasses through a micro-franchising, ?business in a box? business model. Its products promise to eliminate disruption to the livelihoods of weavers, tailors, and artisans caused by presbyopia?a condition that effects most adults after age 35. Read the full profile »
Satyan Mishra '06
Drishtee (India)
Bridging the digital divide using ICT tools and Information Centers as an advantage for remote and economically poor rural communities. Read the full profile »
Adriaan Mol '06
BushProof (Madagascar)
Provides innovative solutions such as water and sanitation products that positively impact the health and well-being of people living in low-income countries. Read the full profile »
Claudia Schauer '06
Sprinkles Global Health Initiative (Canada/Worldwide)
Sprinkles improves health and well-being of women and children worldwide by enabling the home-fortification of foods through the distribution of packets containing a blend of nutrients in powder form which can be sprinkled onto food. Product efficacy has been certified through peer- reviewed research with contributes to the on-going support of donor agencies. Read the full profile »
Suresh Subramian '06
International Development Enterprises (India)
IDE manages a provides low cost drip irrigation solutions. The systems can be deployed and maintained by small farmers and generates significant economic and social empowerment by enabling a shift to higher value products. IDE is committed to delivering environmentally safe, affordable and potentially sustainable appropriate technologies to rural communities by blending market and donor supported business models. Read the full profile »
Dora Talavera '06
Dress for Development (Bolivia, Worldwide)
Promotes the education and employment of disadvantaged and handicapped women seamstresses and tailors in the creation of specialty clothing for fashion designers in the US and Europe that do not seek or require mass output. Read the full profile »
Atsu Titiati '06
Enterprise Works/VITA (Ghana)
Enterprise Works seeks to create a market for wind powered generators that are manufactured by local artisans, using local materials, and with local maintenance. Their model overcomes the previous barriers associated with long supply chains, lack of spare parts, and the need for low cost, high output highly distributed electric generating systems, with economically sustainable local production and maintenance. Read the full profile »
Dipak Basu '05
Anudip (India)
Provides financial, technological and managerial resources toward livelihood creation and conservation in marginalized and threatened areas of the world. Read the full profile »
Martin Burt '05
Fundacion Paraguaya (Paraguay)
Provides economic literacy, entrepreneurship training, and access to micro-loans to empower rural areas in the potential for sustainable livelihoods. Read the full profile »
Tunde Fabunme '05
Bee Conservation Project (Nigeria)
Preservation of honey bees Read the full profile »
Suraiya Haque '05
Phulki (Bangladesh)
Provides low cost day care facilities in Bangladesh to enable women to achieve economic emancipation without sacrificing the well-being of their children. Read the full profile »
Lisa Jobson '05
i-EARN (United States, Worldwide)
Enables students to interact with individuals from different cultures (each other) over the internet to address environmental, cultural, and social issues including racism, intolerance, conflict, and human rights. Read the full profile »
Andrew Lieberman '05
Asociacion Abj'atz Enlace Quiche (Guatemala)
Pedro Mastrengelo '05
Frost Protection Corporation (Uruguay, Worldwide)
Provides environmentally and economically superior solutions for the global problem of frost damage for fruit growing producers. Read the full profile »
Felipe Oliveira '05
Comite para Democratizacao da Informatica de Brasilia (CDI-DF) (Brazil)
CDI-DF provides free computers, software, community-based training and technical maintenance through Information Technology Citizenship Schools. Read the full profile »
Joy Olivier '05
Ikamva Youth (South Africa)
Broadens the tertiary and work transitions of South Africa's youth through a focus on achievement and technical skill development. Read the full profile »
Ken Owens '05
Cognisense Labs, Inc., (USA, Worldwide)
Enables land resources to be reclaimed for safe use through an integrated application of sensing and GPS software to locate and remove land mines from farmland. Read the full profile »
Michael Petty S.J. '05
Aguada Guzman (Argentina)
Develops markets for remote sheep farmers Read the full profile »
John Rodrigues '05
XayanIT (Bangladesh)
XayanIT engages, develops, and retains Bangladeshi university students and graduates by providing local employment opportunities in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It's objective is to provide both ICT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions for domestic and international clients. Read the full profile »
Cordelia Salter-Nour '05
e-ShopAfrica (Ghana, Africa)
Uses the worldwide web to preserve cultural artifacts and enhance livelihood opportunities (create sustainable business) for traditional African artisans. Read the full profile »
Adrienne Schatz '05
Book Trust (United States)
Book Trust utilizes existing school infrastructure to enable youth in poverty to choose and purchase books monthly throughout their elementary school career, building literacy skills and stronger, more positive educational culture within a high-risk demographic. Read the full profile »
Estella Villareal '05
Unidos (Mexico)
Enables communities to overcome the biased stigmas of disability by offering new models of hope and empowerment. Read the full profile »
Helen Wang '05
e-Mobilizer (China)
Uses the existing cellular infrastructure and mobile technology to connect micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses to the online marketplace. Read the full profile »
Robert Bortner '04
Greenstar (USA, Worldwide)
Solar powered Internet-enabled PC's as a tool for micro-enterprise development in the rural areas of developing countries. Read the full profile »
Jody Ehlers '04
Starlight Foundation (United States)
Provides support and information electronically, enabling children living with serious illness to better cope with their challenges. Read the full profile »
Faris Gammoh '04
United Group (Jordan)
E-commerce, supply chain, and Web sales tools for women's handicrafts from Jordan. Read the full profile »
Ronnie Goldfarb '04
Equal Access (USA, Worldwide)
Digital Satellite broadcasting and solar energy with local content for under served global markets. Read the full profile »
Alice Hartley '04
Green Map System (USA, Worldwide)
Universal icons and frameworks for promoting public awareness of natural and cultural environments using new media and communications tools. Read the full profile »
Roberta Hollimon '04
League of Women Voters of California (USA)
Smart Voter is an internet application that gives citizens the nonpartisan information they need for informed voting and participation in the democratic process. Read the full profile »
Ana Silva Huertas '04
INBio (Costa Rica)
Bioinformatics and data storage for enhancing bioliteracy and profitable uses of biodiversity resources. Read the full profile »
Robert Levin '04
Transclick (USA, Worldwide)
Digital translation for email and mobile text messaging. Read the full profile »
Joe Madiath '04
Gram Vikas (India)
Technology includes a vertical shaft brick kiln for use in constructing building material for homes and sanitation solutions applicable in rural India. Read the full profile »
Mario Mariscotti '04
Thasa (Argentina, US)
Reinforced concrete tomography for nondestructive building inspection. Read the full profile »
Ovadje Oviemo '04
Eatset Blood Transfusion (Nigeria)
Appropriate medical devices - recirculating blood transfusion pump - for use in developing nations. Read the full profile »
Kristine Pearson '04
Lifeline Energy (formerly Freeplay Foundation) (South Africa, Worldwide)
Wind-up and solar powered radios and life-saving information for some of the poorest people in Africa. Read the full profile »
Ramani Sankaranaraynar '04
CT-x Green (Canada, India)
Carbon-neutral biodiesel-fueled energy in Orissa, India. Read the full profile »
Mai Siriphongphan '04
Digital Divide Data (Laos, Cambodia)
Digital IT services enterprises in developing countries, providing training and employment. Read the full profile »
David Sowerwine '04
EcoSystems, Pvt. Ltd. (Nepal)
Wire bridges and hand or pedal-powered generators for Nepal's poor. Read the full profile »

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The GSBI pilot launched in 2003 with seven projects from Africa, India, and the Philippines. These enterprises formed the foundation for the current program which serves as a learning laboratory for bridging Silicon Valley acumen to the needs of social entrepreneurs around the world.

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