Strengthening Social Enterprises

eBay Foundation and GSBI ran a custom cohort of the GSBI Online program for six months, beginning October 2014. The program aims to develop livelihoods in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and the United States. eBay Foundation is sponsoring this initiative as part of a commitment to job creation, small business support, and economic development in these geographic regions. 

The organizations in the custom cohort enter the program with a diverse array of mission-driven businesses, such as generating income for sex-trafficked survivors in Russia, helping smallholder farmers gain access to the best equipment in China, and providing data collection jobs for marginalized youth in the slums of Brazil. The 18 ventures participating in the program employ different strategies including fostering job creation, micro-enterprise support, improving health, water and sanitation, agricultural support, and increasing financial access. 



Meet Our Sponsored Social Enterprises


Custom Clouds

Custom Clouds (AKA Kolabo) supports entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium enterprises (SMBs) in growing economies to get online and to leverage the Internet to fuel economic growth and create jobs in their communities.

DDD Peru

DDD Peru provides high-quality IT services by employing low-income youth, providing them with opportunities for professional development and substantially higher incomes.


Dial Job

DialJob is building a Blue-Collared Job Exchange Platform using Mobile & Cloud Telephony technologies and it will also be launching a Mobile-friendly website having content in Vernacular languages. It will also give visibility and branding services to Skill-Development Institutes and offer partnership opportunities to Placement Consultants, Mobile-recharge outlets and Grocery Stores.


Drinkwell uses a micro-franchise model to establish local water businesses in arsenic and fluoride-affected areas. By providing affected villagers with water filtration technology and business tools, Drinkwell taps into the entrepreneurial spirit within these communities to create jobs, generate income, and improve health outcomes.


Fabric Plus

Fabric Plus creates livelihoods in rural Assam and Northeast India by supporting the production of high-quality silk yarn and Assam silk products.

Green Agrevolution

Green Agrevolution provides end-to-end agriculture services (Information, ICT based advisory, input and output collection) to small farmers through DeHaat kiosks run by micro entrepreneurs.”


Healing Fields

Healing Fields is looking at developing a health-related sustainable livelihood model for its community workers, which will help to keep them motivated to engage in creating awareness on hygiene and disease prevention even after our exit from that area.


JSV aims to create livelihood and foster entrepreneurship by training economically disadvantaged students from rural background with low formal education in various paramedical streams at a low cost. JSV is also piloting a program to improve access to primary care and public health for the rural population by empowering local women trained in innovative low-cost diagnostic technology.


MPOWER Financing

MPOWER removes financial barriers to higher education in the US; it works with investors and universities to lend to students who are left out by traditional banks because of lack of credit history or cosigner.

Ponto Solidário

Ponto Solidário displays, disseminates and increases sales of the artistic products made by Brazilian craftsman all over the country, including Amazonian locals and other artisans in rural areas.


RuralShores Business Services

RuralShores is India’s largest BPO provider with more than 20 delivery centers in rural areas of India. RuralShores provides employment to youth at their doorstep, leading to sustained employment resulting in curbing urban migration. 


Safehouse Foundation provides victims of trafficking with rehabilitation, including an art therapy program where participants create jewelry that is sold to sustain the organization and provide an income to participants.


Shree Kamdhenu Electronics

Shree Kamdhenu Electronics develops simple ICT tools that help rural dairy farmers (at BoP) raise their income through transparency in milk collection operations.

Smart Agriculture Analytics 

Smart Agriculture Analytics (SAA) is an information service that provides business intelligence on agricultural technology (agritech) needs in China; this is in order to enable world-class suppliers and investors to provide the most sustainable solutions to Chinese farmers.


Social Synergy Foundation

Social Synergy is a management consulting firm catering to social enterprises and impact investors. Social Synergy catalyzes the strategic transformation of the culture and method of decision-making. It works across all levels and functions of a social enterprise to help them realize the stated impact potential---a "last-mile" effort of critical importance in the impact investment value-chain, that remains unaddressed.

Village Ventures

NuBnk/Village Ventures is an online lending platform that facilitates access to fair, direct, and sustainable, community-based, finance to unbanked, rural micro-entrepreneurs in India and Sri Lanka, organized in their community-owned financial organizations, by connecting them directly with retail and impact lenders in advanced economies.



ReliaTech collects and refurbishes computers and provides them at little or no cost to low-income individuals, disadvantaged entrepreneurs, schools, churches, senior centers, and other nonprofit organizations. Employees and interns are students and graduates of The Stride Center which trains low income individuals for ITC careers.

Mobile Metrix

Mobile Metrix is pioneering market research in low-income communities. Young local adults collect information door-to-door using handheld technology. The data and insights empower companies and governments to more effectively distribute their critical products and services.

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