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GSBI Application - Operating Plan Instructions

Provide the information summarized below in your operating plan using the worksheet provided or your preferred format.



5.1 Programs/Strategic Initiatives

Create a list of programs, or strategic initiatives, based on the overall strategic initiatives for your organization. For each strategic initiative,assign an owner and create a measurable outcome and a target completion date for each.

  • Example Strategic Initiative: Implement a process for recruiting rural patients with cataract blindness
  • Example Owner: Mr. Gupta
  • Example Measurable Outcome: Process in use (partners being recruited)
  • Example Target Completion Date: 6 months to start process, then 3 partners recruited per quarter

For your 1-year Operating Plan you should have 5-7 programs/strategic initiatives. Note that one person may be the owner of more than one strategic initiative but no strategic initiative should have more than one owner.


5.2 Tactics for each Program/Strategic Initiative

For each program create the list of specific tasks/tactics needed to complete the program (or the aspect of the program) for this year. For each task/tactic show the milestones (at least quarterly) and resource requirements (staffing, costs, and overhead—e.g. facilities) to achieve the program's outcome by the target completion date.

  • Example Strategic Initiative: Implement a process for recruiting rural patients with cataract blindness
  • Tactic 1:Hire staff member or recruit volunteer to go into the field to recruit partners.
    • Resources required: ¼ time of owner with budget for salary, office space, cell phone, and travel.
    • Milestones:1) Recruit 3 or more potential candidates in quarter 1. 2) Complete hiring and create list of prospective partners in quarter 2.
  • Tactic 2:Staff member to visit prospective partners.
    • Resources required: 1 staff member including budget for salary, office space, cell phone,and travel.
    • Milestones:Beginning quarter meet with one prospective partner per week and sign at least3 per quarter (1 per month).


5.3 Resource Requirements

Show the total resource requirements by these three categories at minimum:

  1. Financial (Note: the financial resource requirements should match what was submitted in your financials for the corresponding year)
  2. Human (people, including volunteers)
  3. Overhead (office space, vehicles, etc.)

Background Resources 
DeThomas, Art, and Stephanie A. Derammelaere. Writing a Convincing Business Plan. Hauppauge, NY: Barron's Educational Series, 2008. Print. Section II.