Santa Clara University invites all who have a heart for a more just sustainable world, to an evening celebrating the social enterprise movement and its leaders.

On Sunday, May 18th at 6pm, Santa Clara University will bring together Silicon Valley and all who have a heart for a more just, sustainable world for an evening celebrating the social enterprise movement and its leaders.

Join us, as we honor two extraordinary individuals - Sally Osberg and Graham Macmillan - whose work embodies singular compassion, broad vision, and systemic change through social enterprise. 

The evening will feature a cocktail hour showcase of innovations for humanity by social entrepreneurs, student fellows, and Jesuit institutions across the world, a grand dinner, and a room full of people who want more impact and more meaningful lives.

What Is The Social Enterprise Movement?

Across the globe, from Silicon Valley to Africa, a growing army of visionary people are changing the world by taking a creative business approach to solving community-wide problems. These "social entrepreneurs" are finding innovative and sustainable ways to address problems rampant in impoverished communities. They create food security in Uganda, clean drinking water in Indonesia, better education in Kenya, child care in the US, job access and skills training in Brazil, affordable clean energy in India, and women's empowerment in the Philippines.

They strive to help the poor in a way that is more sustainable and infinitely more impactful than a handout. They create new technologies and new markets. Like everyone trying to build something new, they falter and face complex obstacles. But they are spurred on by a whole blossoming ecosystem of impact investors, consciously-minded corporations, social business accelerators, and changemaker hubs like Santa Clara University. It is a global movement of compassion, technological innovation and business growth which has great promise for helping billions.


What Does Santa Clara University Have To Do With It?

With our roots in Silicon Valley, our Jesuit mission, academic rigor, and worldwide network of Jesuit institutions, Santa Clara University is uniquely positioned to harness the talent of Silicon Valley to help the developing world.

Our Center for Science, Technology, and Society is dedicated to engaging Silicon Valley business acumen and the talents of our students, faculty and alumni to make a positive impact on the world. We've been pioneers in social enterprise since 1997, strengthening the movement through a suite of well-respected programs. We work with social entrepreneurs, impact investors, students, faculty, community leaders and universities worldwide. Our flagship Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI) is internationally renowned for its high-quality training and robust mentorship of over 200 social enterprises who have collectively impacted more than 100 millions lives.

To learn more, you can explore our web pages. Come to Magis on Sunday, May 18th. Click here to reserve your seat.


Magis: (“mah-jis”) is a Latin word for “more.”

St. Ignatius of Loyola used the word Magis to encourage us to live and give generously. In the Ignatian tradition, Magis means continually asking ourselves: What more can I do for others?

Often associated with the Latin phrase, “Ad majorem Dei gloriam”, translated “For the greater glory of God”, Magis is a call to action. It challenges us to do more than a single act, but rather to serve humanity with our lives.

We believe that social entrepreneurs uniquely embody the essence of Magis. They work relentlessly and sacrifice selflessly to provide an entire world with more nutritious food, quality healthcare, sturdy shelter, clean drinking water, and sustainable energy.It is their greatness of spirit that we invite you to celebrate on May 18th. 

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