The highlight of Magis is the moment we honor selected game-changers whose work has advanced the field of social entrepreneurship. Last year we honored Sally Osberg of the Skoll Foundation and Graham Macmillan, former Senior Director of VisionSpring. This year, we honor Lisa and Charly Kleissner and Matt Flannery. Honorees can come from all walks of life: a philanthropist, investor, social entrepreneur, or student fellow. Their outstanding qualities are thought leadership, exemplary personal commitment, and status as a pioneer in the social enterprise movement. We're delighted to announce our Magis 2015 Honorees:



Lisa and Charly Kleissner

Lisa and Charly, global leaders and activists in impact investing, have devoted their post Silicon Valley careers to challenging the status quo in the financial markets. With a belief that the meaning of wealth is to create a just, equitable and sustainable world, the Kleissner’s have worked with their peers on developing a global impact eco-system. Their “total portfolio approach” – deployment of an impact investing portfolio strategy across asset class – and their willingness to “open book” their foundation financial and impact results – has inspired wealth holders and intermediaries around the world to move into impact. The on-line publication of the financial results of their foundation impact portfolio provides one crucial proof point that investments can generate competitive financial returns while delivering positive social impact. The Kleissner’s are co-founders of Toniic, a global impact investing platform with members on 6 continents representing over $50 billion in investible capital; Social-impact International, an incubator of social enterprise incubators and accelerators; and the 100% IMPACT Network, a global group of asset owners dedicated to 100% impact with their capital, currently representing over $4 billion in assets that are actively moving into impact. The Kleissners have dedicated the last 14 years through research, writing, teaching and action to the idea that all capital, no matter the size, intentionally deployed, can deliver sustainable communities, and a thriving world.

Matt Flannery

Matt helped revolutionize and popularize microfinance by creating Kiva, the first online platform to connect individuals worldwide with the ability to make microloans to small enterprises in developing countries. Prior to creating Kiva, Matt had spent time in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya filming stories of microbusinesses started by Village Enterprise Fund. He began working on Kiva as a side-project while employed as a computer programmer at TiVo, Inc. He left his job in December 2005 to devote himself to Kiva full-time, and graduated from GSBI in 2006. As CEO, Matt led Kiva’s growth from ideation to a renowned online service with partnerships worldwide and hundreds of millions of dollars loaned to low income entrepreneurs. During its first 18 months, Kiva raised $4 million “when nobody believed it was possible." Matt is Skoll Awardee, an Ashoka Fellow, a Draper Richards Foundation fellow, and winner of the The Economist’s “No Boundaries” Innovation Award. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Symbolic Systems and a Masters in Philosophy from Stanford University.


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