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Energy Map Spotlight: India

Tuesday, Apr. 1, 2014

We are happy to announce the launching of the new Energy in India Spotlight on the Energy Map.

India is home to nearly a sixth of the global population and has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Yet there are still over 400 million people living without access to clean, safe, and affordable energy. As a result some of the most exciting and innovative social enterprises working in the energy sector are based in India.
This Spotlight details the realities of the energy environment in India and sheds light on the many issues that social entrepreneurs must deal with when working in this complex and fascinating country. Here is a sneak peek at what is featured in this spotlight:
Energy Access: Learn about who has energy in India and where they live. What are the major sources of energy? What are the many issues preventing the grid from reaching the 400 million people without energy? What promise do renewable energy sources hold?
Government and Policy: Learn about the major energy agencies and government programs that deal with energy. Who is responsible for providing energy? What legislation has been passed to help the 400 million people without energy? What are the problems with the government's approach to energy? 
Energy Providers: Find out who the major players are in the Indian energy sector including the government, large independent power producers, and distributed energy enterprises. Where are social enterprises working? What are they doing? Who are their competitors and where does opportunity exist?
Investment and Trade: Discover information about the financial environment in India that new social enterprises must understand. Learn about trade and tariffs, non-tariff barriers, subsidies, financing organizations and other topics that shed light on what an investment in Indian energy would entail.
Barriers to Entry and Scale: Learn about the many different issues that social enterprises in India face including geography, distribution, financing, affordability, and knowledge dissemination and discover how some enterprises are overcoming these barriers.
This exciting new spotlight can be found on the Energy Map here.

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