Social Enterprise Action Research Exchange (SEARX)


SEARX is a technology platform linking university-based researchers with social entrepreneurs around the world. SEARX invites social entrepreneurs to present their practical, action-oriented research needs through the platform, akin to an online want ad, and faculty researchers can review these and select projects of interest to them or their students. Conversely, university-based researchers can upload a profile of their research capacity, so that our social enterprise partners might identify and request this expertise.


The Center will host the SEARX launch party on Tuesday, May 20, 2014, in the Benson Center, with about 25 researchers from the GSBI Network and other Jesuit universities from around the world. If you want to join the launch party, contact Keith Warner OFM (


SEARX has three essential components:

  • Social enterprise profiles. Social entrepreneurs who register with SEARX are eligible to submit projects for action researchers.

  • Project description pages. Social entrepreneurs post their action research needs in individual project description pages.

  • Researcher capability profiles. University-based researchers who register for SEARX are eligible to approach social entrepreneurs to offer their help on projects. In addition, social entrepreneurs may review the research capabilities of faculty members and contact them.


The SEARX platform matches researchers with social enterprise needs. During its pilot year, SEARX will link our GSBI social enterprise partners with SCU and GSBI Network researchers. In the future, we anticipate expanding this service to any qualified researcher and entrepreneur.   


SEARX will provide practical research support for social enterprises such as:

Social Iimpact


Business Management

Education or training manual

Social media campaign

Market analysis

Develop a social impact survey

Mobile application development

Customer acquisition strategy

Develop a monitoring and evaluation tool

Technology assessment

Product distribution

Write profiles of beneficiaries

Webpage development

Supply chain strategy

Photography of enterprise or beneficiaries

Communication strategy

Operations improvement

Video of enterprise or beneficiaries

Software development

Legal strategy