Santa Clara University


Maria Castaneda-Liles

Religious Studies

Maria Socorro Castaneda-Liles received a $40,000 grant from The Louisville Institute First  Book Grant for Minority Scholars "Guadalupe Across Generations:Catholic  Devotionalism, Body Politics and Lived Religion Among Mexican-Origin  Women"

This funding provides support for the writing of a book  (title above) which researched and describes the devotion to Our Lady of  Guadalupe by women of Mexican origin.The book challenges the  conventional academic literature, which argues thatreligion is and has  been influential in the oppression of women; particularly through the  manipulation of symbols like Our Lady of Guadalupe.Further, it explores  the complexities of what it means to be Catholic and female and provides  a multi-generational and contextual understanding of Catholic Mexican  ordinary women's lives and contributions to the Catholic Church in the  US.