Santa Clara University


New Awards

Angelo Ancheta
Law School
Angelo Ancheta has received $6750 from the Catholic Charities to support "South Bay Legal Immigration Services Network.". Angelo also received $50,000 from Santa Clara County to support "workers Rights Project" Read the full profile »
Socorro Castañeda-Liles, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Professor Socorro Castañeda-Liles was born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. She graduated from Santa Clara University in 1998 with a B.S. in Sociology and a double minor in Ethnic Studies and Women's and Gender Studies. Read the full profile »
Colleen Chien
(Law School) has received $35,000 from the New America Foundation "Startups and Trolls" Read the full profile »
Matthew Duncan
Office of Student Life
Matthew Duncan, Associate Dean for Student Life along with Barbara Fraser, Associate Dean of Arts and Science and Michael Whalen, Associate Professor of communications, received a grant of $150,000 from the Avon Foundation to create a sexual violence prevention and education video production. Read the full profile »
Chris Kitts
Mechanical Engineering
Chris Kitts (Mechanical Engineering) has received a $150,000 subcontract from The University of Alaska Fairbanks (Marine Science and Technology Foundation) for a 3 year project. He also received an additional $104,859 from NASA Ames Research Center to support "Microsatellite-Nanosatellite Technology Research & Development Support" Read the full profile »
Hohyun Lee
Mechanical Engineering
Hohyun Lee (Mechanical Engineering) has received a grant of $94,982 from San Diego State University Research Foundation. Read the full profile »
Naomi Levy
Political Science
Naomi Levy (Political Science) has received $224,376 from the Office of Naval Research's Minerva Initiative to support "Public Service Provision as Peace-building." Read the full profile »
Jessica Lucas
Jessica Lucas has received $407,821 from the National Science Foundation to support " MRI: Acquisition of a Confocal Microscope for Multi-disciplinary Research". Read the full profile »
David Onek
Law School
David Onek, (Law School) Northern California Innocence Project has received $249,781 from the Department of Justice to support. Read the full profile »
Guy Ramon
Guy Ramon has received $95,000 over three years from the National Science Foundation Read the full profile »
Rebecca Schapp
deSaisset Museum
Rebecca Schapp (deSaisset Museum) received $7,920 from the Silicon Valley Arts Council Read the full profile »
Shauna Shapiro
Counseling Psychology
Shauna Shapiro (Counseling Psychology) and David Germano (University of Virginia) have collaboratively received a $60,000 fellowship from The Mind and Life Institute, with $21,015 coming to Santa Clara University. Read the full profile »