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Proposal Preparation & Submission

If you are new to the process of proposal writing and submission, please read through the information below to make the process as clear and simple for you as possible.  If you have any questions, please contact the Sponsored Projects Office.

  • iconCost-Share

    Detailed information explaining Volunteered Cost-Sharing and Contractually Obligated Cost-Sharing.
  • iconProposal Forms

    In order for the Sponsored Projects Office to process your proposal, certain forms need to be completed.  Find them here.

  • iconFAQs

    Frequently asked questions from Santa Clara University faculty and staff regarding their experiences with the proposal creation and submission process.
  • iconFederal Proposal Submission Information

    Proposals submitted to private organizations typically differ from those submitted to governmental organizations.  There are special guidelines that one needs to follow for governmental proposals.
  • iconGrant/Contract v.s. Gift

    What is the difference between "grant" money and "gift" money?  Is there a difference in my obligations and expectations?  Is there a limit to what I can do with the money I am receiving?
  • iconNSF Proposal Evaluations

    Finding proposal evaluations in FastLane is not intuitive.  Once your proposal has been reviewed and either recommended for funding or declined, NSF posts the reviews for the Principal and Co-Principal Investigators to access.  Sponsored Projects Office staff do not have access to the reviews.  To obtain the reviews...

  • iconProposal Approval Process

    (Information Coming Soon)
  • iconProposal Guidelines

    (Information Coming Soon)
  • iconSponsored Projects Assistance

    What the Sponsored Projects Office will help you do before, during and after your proposal is approved.
Common Sponsor Websites

National Science Fountation

National Institutes of Health

National Endowment for the Arts

National Endowment for the Humanities

Department of Energy

Visit these websites for project, deadline, and other important information.