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Future Directions 

Dear Campus Community,

I want us to reflect on the meaning and relevance of a Santa Clara education.  Since Santa Clara, as a Jesuit university, embraces the educational philosophy of educating the whole person of solidarity for the 21st century globalizing world, we need to ask what this means concretely for our students.


To guide and inspire the conversation, some members of the faculty and staff developed brief discussion papers which can be read on this page.  The University Planning Council is overseeing the process which began with discussions at a joint meeting of the Trustees, Regents, and members of the Alumni Association Board held on January 27 and 28.  Over the next several months in school, departmental, and cross-disciplinary meetings we will be discussing our future direction.


You have the opportunity to share your thoughts and participate in these discussions through this website by opening the link to the conversation topic you wish to comment on. Click the "Discuss the article" link [access is limited to on-campus SCU network connections only] to post your comments.


I hope these discussions will, among other things, enhance the quality and distinctiveness of Santa Clara and its Jesuit educational mission and provide greater clarity and advancement of the strategic initiative of integrated education. These discussions should lead not only to updating the second initiative of the Strategic Plan on integrated education but, more importantly, to inspire reflection on the curriculum and pedagogy.


Thank you for your participation.


Paul Locatelli, S.J.






Area Papers

Arts at Santa Clara University
Drafted by Michael Zampelli, S.J.

Drafted by Dan Coonan

Campus Ministry
Drafter by Lulu Santana

Drafted by Dan Pitt

Drafted by Jo B. Margadant

Leavey School of Business
Drafted by Barry Posner

Natural Sciences
Drafted by Leilani Miller

School of Education, Counseling Psychology and Pastoral Ministries
Drafted by Thomas G. Plante

Social Sciences
Drafted by Tim Urdan

Student Life
Drafted by Jeanne Rosenberger

The Law School
Drafted by Donald J. Polden

The Teaching Scholar
By Nancy C. Unger in collaboration with Diane Jonte-Pace

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