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Future Directions

Ethics and Justice as Integrating Factors in a Santa Clara Education

Drafted by Paul Fitzgerald, S.J.

Socrates described ethics as “no small matter but how we ought to live.” For Augustine, human freedom realizes itself in our choice to do the good that God invites us to do. The Jesuit tradition, sprung from the early modern retrieval of these ancient notions, holds that persons can live the life of virtue that they ought to by discerning their own deepest desires for goodness, love, truth, beauty, etc. Jesuit spirituality has contributed much to what David Tracy calls the Catholic analogical imagination: a hopeful worldview that presumes the immanence of the Divine in every aspect of human life, all within a world that is “charged” with God’s grace. This worldview marries faith and reason, sees love and justice as mutually necessary and supportive, and sees education as <em>cura personalis</em>, an efficacious engagement of the whole person in a general movement towards integrity.

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