Santa Clara University


Strategic Initiatives

Relying on the vision, mission, and values presented above, the plan outlines three strategic initiatives, each interlinked and dependent on one another for their accomplishment.

The first two initiatives, Building a Community of Scholars and Providing an Integrated Education, establish the strategic direction we will take to realize our vision. The third, Focusing Resources for Excellence, provides the means for doing so. Even as we strive to expand our resource base, it will be critical to pursue the first two initiatives through the creative use of available resources.

In the outline below, each initiative is followed by questions intended to stimulate creative thinking and strategic action. Each question is answered, in part, by goals that should focus and direct actions at the University level and within every academic and administrative area. Programs will be evaluated and funded according to their effectiveness in advancing the University's mission and strategic priorities.

The initiatives and challenges in this Strategic Plan are not intended to be all-inclusive. But while many other issues will also require attention, these are the ones that will make the greatest strategic difference in enhancing Santa Clara's quality, reputation, and competitiveness.