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University Planning

Table of Contents | PDF

Introduction | PDF

Chapter I | PDF
Context for Self-Study

Chapter II | PDF
Learning Outcomes

Chapter III | PDF
Community of Scholars

Chapter IV | PDF
Integrated Education

Chapter V | PDF
Resources for Excellence

Chapter VI | PDF

Appendix A | PDF
Response to 1987 Visiting Team Recommendations

Appendix B | PDF
Findings Related to Learning Outcomes

Notes | PDF

Exhibits | PDF

Accreditation Planning Handbook

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Chapter I: Context for Self-Study

History and Description of the University

  • Description of the University

1987 WASC Reaccreditation Recommendations

History of Planning

Organization of Self-Study


Chapter II: Learning Outcomes

Educating Men and Women for Competence, Conscience, and Compassion

Learning Outcomes of the Undergraduate Program

  • Four Goals of an Undergraduate Education
  • The University’s Core Curriculum and the Four Goals
  • College and School Requirements and the Co-Curriculum
  • Actions to Strengthen the Undergraduate Program
  • Assessment of Learning Outcomes
  • Conclusions

Learning Outcomes of the Graduate Programs

  • Leavey School of Business and Administration
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Law


Questions for Further Study


Chapter III: Community of Scholars

Fostering Intellectual Collaboration

  • Stimulate and Support Cross-Disciplinary Inquiry
  • Connect Co-Curricular Programs with Curricular Programs
  • Enable Undergraduates to do Scholarly Work with Faculty
  • Involve Graduate Students in University Cultural Life
  • Involve Alumni in University Cultural Life
  • Encourage Collaboration in Governance

Supporting Faculty as Teaching Scholars

  • Maintain a Full-Time Faculty Sufficient in Size and Composition
  • Provide Faculty Development Programs that Support Teaching Scholars
  • Increase Endowed Professorships to Support Strategic Initiatives

Enriching Quality and Diversity in the Community of Scholars

  • Recruit and Retain Outstanding Faculty and Staff
  • Increase the Quality of Incoming Students
  • Increase Diversity Among Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • Strengthen Efforts to Recruit and Retain Jesuits


Questions for Further Study


Chapter IV: Integrated Education

Providing a Coherent Educational Experience

  • Refine the Undergraduate Core Curriculum
  • Strengthen Coherence and Quality of Degree Programs and Majors
  • Develop Showcase Programs in Each School
  • Help Students Integrate Various Dimensions of Their Lives

Creating Integrative Structures

  • Develop University Centers of Distinction
  • Develop Other Centers that Foster Integration
  • Incorporate Different Perspectives in the Curriculum and Co-Curriculum
  • Increase the Effectiveness of Multicultural Programs


Questions for Further Study


Chapter V: Resources for Excellence

Human Resources

  • Deployment of Human Resources
  • Development of Human Resources
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Compensation
  • Perceptions of Alignment
  • Conclusions

Physical Environment

  • Update Campus Master Plan
  • Complete Facilities Program for 1997 to 2001
  • Plan for Additional Major Projects
  • Implement Renewal Program for Existing Facilities
  • Conclusions

Technology and Information Resources

  • The Challenge of Technology
  • Technology Planning and Assessment
  • Enhancing Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship
  • Improving Service and Productivity
  • Conclusions

Financial Resources

  • Budgeting and Financial Planning
  • Financial Statements and Performance Indicators
  • Generating Financial Resources
  • Managing Financial Resources
  • Conserving Financial Resources
  • Conclusions


Questions for Further Study


Chapter VI: Conclusion

Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Community of Scholars
  • Integrated Education
  • Resources for Excellence

Observations on Strategic Planning

Lessons From Self-Study Process

  • Lessons for Santa Clara
  • Lessons for WASC

Concluding Questions


Appendix A: Response to 1987 Visiting Team Recommendations


Appendix B: Findings Related to Learning Outcomes





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