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For Students

All undergraduate students are required to fulfill the STS requirement. Normally this is taken during or after the sophomore year, after social and natural science classes in "Foundations" section of the undergraduate core curriculum. Engineering and selected natural science majors may fulfill this by taking a special Critical Thinking and Writing course with STS elements. For more information about SCU's undergraduate core, click here.

  • iconSTS Undergraduate Requirement

    All undergraduate students are required to fulfill the STS requirement of SCU’s undergraduate curriculum.
  • iconValues in Science & Technology Pathway

    All undergraduate students must complete a pathway of four thematically-linked courses, and the VIST pathway invites students to explore the values and context of science & technology as social forces.
  • iconSTS Undergraduate Minor

    The Science, Technology & Society minor offers students a richer understanding of these three domains, and fosters scientific and technological leadership in our contemporary world.
  • iconSTS Minor for Engineering Graduate Students

    The School of Engineering offers a graduate minor in Science, Technology and Society (STS), designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of the influence that engineering has on society (and vice versa) on an advanced level.
  • iconStudent Research Grants

    The Center for Science, Technology, and Society offers grants to students up to $2,000 for single investigators and up to $3,000 for teams.
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