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Steve Cisler, In Memoriam

Steve Cisler
     More than just a title, “In Memory” is also an apt descriptor for how our colleague Steve Cisler will continue to live among us after his untimely death in May 2008. Steve was our colleague and our friend. Several of us knew him long before he joined the Center for Science, Technology, and Society, and were delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside him once again. A librarian by training, Steve never lost the habit of sharing useful and interesting information with everyone around him. A keen observer of events and gifted storyteller, he wrote extensively throughout his career and was among the first people to see the potential of the Internet as a community building resource. Quiet and unassuming, with a subtle sense of humor, Steve was a person who delighted in meeting new people and establishing lifelong friendships. He traveled widely and wisely, getting to know the people and places he visited and recording his trips in text, photo, and video journals that were always a pleasure to read and experience. At the Center for Science, Technology, and Society, Steve came in to launch our KnowledeX project, which is focused on the creation of an online environment to support the work of Tech Awards Laureates and social benefit entrepreneurs in general. Those who got to know him at Santa Clara University appreciated his sincere interest and genuine curiosity in their academic research and other related projects. A great example of this is the fact that Steve requested that after his death any donations in his name be directed to Friends of African Village Libraries, a project run by professors Michael Kevane (Economics) and Leslie Gray (Environmental Studies). Steve had spent two years in Africa in his youth as a Peace Corps volunteer.
     To honor and remember him, the Center for Science, Technology, and Society has created an annual Steve Cisler Lecture Series, which will be presented every year in May.
     May he rest in peace.
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