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By Eric D. Carlson Four articles, derived from the Santa Clara University, Center for Science, Technology, and Society’s conference, Digital Divide or Digital Commons: Toward Global Knowledge Sharing, represent the breadth and depth of the topics of the conference, as well as the global diversity of the presenters and attendees.

Infrastructural Frameworks for Global Knowledge

By John Leslie King The evolution of knowledge infrastructure, from its origins in manuscripts and collections through the current development of digital libraries, raises two concerns surrounding the development of infrastructural frameworks for global knowledge: knowledge bundling and the relationship between social surplus and the cultural institutions that provide our knowledge infrastructure.

Toward Digital Commons through Digital Bridge in the Chilean Educational System

By Pedro Hepp During the past 15 years, Chile has implemented a major program with digital technologies to enhance global knowledge sharing in its educational system.

Toward Global Knowledge Sharing: Examples from the Philippines

By Roberto Verzola Examples from the Philippines suggest strategies for use of low-cost, digital technologies in developing countries. These examples raise a legal issue (Intellectual Property Rights) and pose an economic dilemma (the emergence of a knowledge rentier class), both of which have a significant impact on global knowledge sharing.

Issues in Global Knowledge Sharing: Prospects and Pitfalls

By Geoffrey C. Bowker Three main issues—control of knowledge, privacy, and patterns of ownership—frame the key question for global knowledge sharing: digital divide or digital commons?

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