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STS Nexus

STS NEXUS Editor's Overview

By Eric D. Carlson The inaugural issue of the STS NEXUS makes a fundamental contribution to our understanding of the inter-relationships between the rapid growth of electronic networks and fundamental changes in society.

The SCU Center for Science, Technology, and Society: Where Technology and Tradition Meet

By Regis McKenna and James L. Koch The new Center at SCU capitalizes on its Silicon Valley resources to provide a promising educational resource.

Dimensions of The Networked Society

By Manuel Castells The explosion of electronic networks is changing the economy, the nature of work, mass communications, and politics.

Sources of Productivity Advance in the Twentieth Century: A Historical Perspective

By Alexander Field A productivity paradox is emerging in the networked society.

The Family in the Networked Society

By Christine Bachen Studies of families reveal some surprising findings on the impact of new technologies

NTT DoCoMo and its I-mode Wireless Network

By John Ratliff Japan’s NTT DoCoMo is getting a jump start on third-generation mobile phones.

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