Santa Clara University


For Faculty - DR Proctored Exams

Criteria for Student to Take Exams Administered by Disabilities Resources

• Disabilities Resources continues to administer exams/quizzes to students approved for extended time who require the use of a scribe, are wheelchair riders, use adaptive technology, or require double time due to a dual disability.   

• Disabilities Resources will administer exams to students approved for extended time, when there are four or more students requiring extra time in one class section and the professor requests exam administration by Disabilities Resources. These students are required to follow the guidelines established for any student taking an exam/quiz administered by Disabilities Resources. It will be the responsibility of the professor to notify students that there are four or more students taking the exam/quiz and the Test Accommodation Request Form will need to be completed and submitted to D.R. two weeks before the exam/quiz. This time is necessary in order for D.R. to hire proctors. 

• It is the responsibility of the STUDENT to contact each professor within the first TWO WEEKS of each quarter to discuss how the approved accommodation of extended time on exams will be managed. This includes discussing the date, time and location of the exams. Students diagnosed and newly registered with Disabilities Resources during the quarter, may need to present a request for an approved accommodation later during the quarter.   

• Any student taking an exam/quiz administered by Disabilities Resources must present the professor a memo, signed by a Disabilities Resources staff member approving extended time on examinations/quizzes. Along with this memo, the student is responsible for presenting the professor a Test Accommodation Request Form two weeks prior to the exam date. The professor will need to complete specific sections of this form listing date, time, and other details of the exam. 

• Disabilities Resources will continue to negotiate methods to administer exams/quizzes in an emergency situation, when it is impossible for the student and professor to work out how the extended will be managed.