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Santa Clara University’s location in the heart of the Bay Area is one of its most important assets. There are priceless opportunities to experience the many rich cultures, events and activities the area has to offer. However, many students have difficulty getting to the fun exciting places the Bay Area has to offer. As a result, the Bronco Bus was developed as an outlet for SCU students to explore the various activities the Bay Area has to offer.

The Bronco Bus will act as a shuttle to destinations which include: San Francisco, Santa Cruz and may other exciting locations. The Bronco Bus is a cheap means for Santa Clara students to go directly to the locations that students are most interested in and will be offered at hours most appealing to students. The Bronco Bus will not replace current forms of public transportation because it will offer services to destination at times that are currently not available. The hopes of this service are to not only provide a means of transportation that is currently not available to most students, but to also strengthen the Santa Clara University community through group excursions to the various places in the Bay Area. So schedule your next Bronco Bus Trip today! Come and enjoy our cheap shuttle service on a nice bus with in service movies that is always a great time with your friends!

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