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Welcome Home! All of us at International Programs sincerely hope that your time spent studying abroad was enriching academically, personally, professionally, linguistically, and culturally.

We have gathered some resources to assist you with the process of Coming Back Home, which, sometimes surprisingly, can actually be a harder adjustment than going abroad in the first place!  Alumni are typically interested in the following topics:

We consider returning study abroad students to be very valuable assets on campus and aim to provide every opportunity for you to continue your personal and academic growth after returning to SCU. We hope you can consider participating in any of the following classes and outreach efforts.

  • INTL 103, Intercultural Competence: Register for this 2-unit course in the Winter quarter aimed to help returning students get the most academically and personally from their time overseas.
  • ANTH 159: Critiquing Cultural & Economic Development: A course to help students reflect on and analyze their immersion experiences in an academic setting with a particular focus on culture and development as viewed through an anthropological lens. Examines issues of change in “developing” countries. Emphasis on exploring and discussing issues related to student study-abroad and immersion experiences in regional, national and global contacts. The course satisfes the University's World Cultures Core Requirement and taught by Father Luis Calero, SJ.

  • Overnight Getaway: An overnight at the Presentation Center on January 19-20, 2007 with your peers to reflect on your study abroad experiences. Leave Friday after classes and return on Saturday, late afternoon. Cost is $30; some scholarships available. Space is limited, so please sign up early. Sponsored by International Programs and DISCOVER. This will be a chance to hear and tell stories from abroad, and reflect with others on the connections between where you've been, where you are, and where you're going. Relax with friends in the beautiful Los Gatos Hills, and let the gifts and challenges of your experience abroad enrich your life at SCU.
  • International Club: Organized by students, the I-Club is a registered student organization for students who are interested in international issues and experiences and to meet other international students on campus.
  • International Ambassadors Program: Opportunities for returning study abroad students to share their experiences in class discussions, forums, workshops, etc. and other outreach efforts to prospective study abroad students on campus. Click here for more information and to apply online.
  • Study Abroad Peer Advisors: Leadership opportunties for former study abroad students to advise prospective study abroad students and to lead our pre-departure orientation programs.

Welcome back to SCU! Come by and see us anytime.


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