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Can I Study Abroad Again?

Many students coming home from study abroad have one thing on their mind: To go abroad again, and as soon as possible!

There are a number of short-term, summer, and semester programs which exist, which you may be eligible to participate in. Many SCU-led study abroad programs fulfill CORE requirements and are a great way to go abroad again. In the summer session, there are always study abroad programs led by Santa Clara faculty ranging from 2 to 6 weeks in length. For more information see the Thinking About Studying Abroad? section on this site.

Students at Santa Clara can study abroad for one full academic year, plus one summer. If you have already gone abroad for one semester, say Fall semester of your junior year, you could possibly do it again Fall of your senior year, with proper academic planning and approval from your advisor. Every major is different, but in general, there is no overt requirement forbidding seniors to go abroad, and many do! Check with International Programs for more information if this interests you. One option you might consider would be the SCU London Semester program, which includes a top-notch internship experience (great for seniors)!

You might also consider taking part in one of the domestic or international short-term immersion trips sponsored by the DISCOVER Project at Santa Clara through the Arrupe Center. These trips are generally a week to ten days long, and focus on students' exposure to marginalized people around the world, with space for reflection about issues of faith and global justice. Students also reflect on how they can incorporate what they've learned into their daily lives and communities, and the ways in which seeing the world's needs firsthand has impacted their calling. You can get more information about specific trips and deadlines here:

You may also be interested in checking out our links (see sidebar) for working, voluteering, or teaching abroad. These programs tend to be quite popular with study abroad alumni who might find their old life a bit too small for their expanded global horizons!

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