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baja-caveCourse Descriptions

Students must take both classes during the Winter Quarter in order to participate in the Spring Break expedition.

ENVS 142: Writing Natural History
Engages students in ecocritical reading and writing about the natural history of Baja California Sur. The on-campus portion of the course prepares students to engage in first-hand explorations of the environment in and around the Sea of Cortez. During the on-site portion of the course, students will compile extensive field notes in preparation for the composition of their own natural histories. Must be concurrently enrolled in ENVS 144.  Prerequisites: CTW 1 and 2. Enrollment by application only. Travel fees required. (5 units) NCX

ENVS 144: Natural History of Baja
Examines the natural history, biology, and ecology of desert and coastal ecosystems in Baja California Sur.  Meets once a week in winter quarter and over spring break in the Sierra La Laguna (Cape Region) and Isla Espiritu Santo (La Paz Bay), Baja California Sur, Mexico.  Students  will become familiar with desert, oak scrub, riparian, thorn forest, beach, mangrove, coral reef, and rocky intertidal habitats; develop field observation and species identification skills; and eplore challenges of sustainable development of this fragile ecosystem.  Must be concurrently enrolled in ENVS 142.  Enrollment by application only. Travel fees required. Prerequisite: BIOL 23 or ENVS 21. (5 units).
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