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What makes Vienna "the Most Livable City" in the World?

Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2010

According to the Wall Street Journal’s “Market Watch” report, a recent featured article stated that Vienna has been voted most livable city in 2010, for the second consecutive year. I ask, what attributes to this growing phenomenon? Of my time living in Vienna thus far, I would say that you have to consider a plethora of contributing aspects of the city’s character. Between Vienna’s striving economy, its quick response to the world’s developing financial crisis, effective efforts to combat increased unemployment rates, free health care system, vast transportation systems, government-subsidized sustainability programs, clean water system sourced from the Austrian Alps, and uncommonly low big-city crime rate, it remains as a pillar to the world’s most livable cities. Coupled with Vienna’s deep passion for the arts and music, stunning architectural styles, intellectually captivating museums, and worldwide headquarters for various international organizations, it provides the perfect equation for an engaging and well-rounded lifestyle. All that Vienna has to offer provides the perfect fuel for its residents’ physical health, personal development and emotional wellbeing. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to live and study in this city, where I have access to so many quality resources. I find great comfort in Vienna, and in my decision to explore outside the Santa Clara community within this Central European setting.   


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