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An Affordable London

Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010

When one thinks of London you would assume that the major city that it is everything here would be over priced and extremely expensive. That the only people who could possibly enjoy the city or afford anything would be those who are well off. And if you are a student then you had better get accustom to living off of soup and bread and staying in a lot.

       I am happy to say that is far from the truth and that London is a city that has something for everyone at all price levels. There are about 100 different things to do at any given time and many of those things you will be surprised to find out are free. From going to see films at an outdoor park, to seeing a live music performance, even going to the many museums located throughout the city all of these things can be done at no cost. It is impossible to ever get bored here in London and many times having fun does not require any money at all.

       There are websites and newsletter designed to show you events and activities being held throughout the city that are affordable for most anyone. You think that if these activities are free that they would not be exciting or would only please a certain crowd but that is far from the truth. Free events like the Thames River Festival which my friends and I attended recently have a wide range of activities available. You can go to a stand where you are taught how to make sushi, take walk over and watch world renowned dancers take to the streets or if speed is more your style watch as boats race up and down the river. Then finish off your day watching what could possibly be one of the liveliest parades you would ever see.

       When I first came to the city I thought that my outings would be numbered and that I would be unable to do much while here. Thankfully I was wrong and it seems that I am finding more and more things to do here in London. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by everything here and I know that I will not be able to do all that I want to do here. But until my time in London is up I will make sure to take advantage of the many opportunities I have available to me.

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