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This online application is ONLY for undergraduate, non-degree seeking students from the approved institutions that are part of the Santa Clara University's Direct Exchange Program.

Application - Exchange Students Only
I. Student Information

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III. Emergency Contact Information


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IV. Exchange University

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V. Academic Background

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VI. Proposed Curriculum

Pelase list the courses you are interested in taking while at Santa Clara University. A full load of courses at Santa Clara consistes of 12 - 15 units, normally four academic classes per quarter. J-1 Visa students are required to be enrolled in at least 12 units Course listings are on the Santa Clara University Registrar's website:

This is not an official registration. You will register on campus after your arrival. Please indicate which courses you MUST take due to requirements at your institution.

Please list the proposed courses with Course - Number - Title   (e.g. ECON 1 - 80174 - Principles of Microeconomics)

Course 1*

Course 2*

Course 3*

Course 4*

Alternate Course 1*

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VII. Housing Preference

Which housing options do you prefer?*

On-Campus Housing (application required)
Off-Campus Housing (self-arranged)

Please read the Housing Options website ( before making your preference.

VIII. Essay

Why do you want to study at Santa Clara University as part of the Exchange Program?*

What do you see as challenges for you in studying in the United States and specifically Santa Clara University?*

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