Santa Clara University

Study Abroad

Billing & Health Insurance Information

Exchange students do not pay SCU tuition charges or special fees, because of our arrangements with your home campus through our exchange program. Your are responsible for paying your housing costs, and if you are living on-campus then SCU will bill your student account for the cost of room and board.   You may also be charged for the SCU Health Insurance plan (see details below).

Because exchange students are not responsible for tuition cost, if you have been coded incorrectly please let the International Programs Office know as soon as possible.

Health insurance is mandatory for all undergraduate and international students.  You can waive the University health insurance if you can show proof of coverage by another company.  This can be insurance from your home country but you will need to show that your insurance covers you adequately. Please know this is for your safety and to protect you financially.  If you have an emergency and need to be taken to the hospital by ambulance, please be aware that an average price for about a 10 minute ride is $800 or more without insurance. One night in the hospital could easily cost you $3,000 depending on what services are needed if you do not have insurance. So please make sure that you are adequately covered in this important area before you embark on your term of study abroad.

For more information about the SCU Student Health Insurance, as well as health care available on-campus, please see the Cowell Student Health Center website at

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