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Study Abroad

Arcadia University Center for Education Abroad

Program locations:
Australia (direct enrollment)
New Zealand (direct enrollment)

England (direct enrollment)* for London programs see note below

Ireland (direct enrollment)

Scotland (direct enrollment)

Wales (direct enrollment)
Italy, Perugia and Florence only (Arcadia-operated program in conjunction with local Universities)
Greece (Arcadia-operated island program)
Equatorial Guinea (Arcadia-operated program in conjunction with local University) 

Program description:
Arcadia University offers semester or year-long study abroad experiences in more than 60 programs of study throughout 10 countries--from the tropical locale of Townsville, Australia to the bustling metropolis of Dublin, Ireland.

Arcadia is unique in that most of its program facilitate direct enrollment into local universities in Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, rather than placing you into what is called an "island" study abroad program where you would just be alongside other American students. In addition, they also offer programs in Mexico, Greece, and Italy as well as some summer opportunities.

Arcadia also offers international internships --prime opportunities are available in Canberra, Australia's capital city, as well as in Dublin, Edinburgh, and Sydney.
Housing varies by locations (although most places offer dorm or apartment-style living), as do available courses. For more information, see

LONDON-BASED PROGRAMS: *If you are interested in studying in London, please review the information for the SCU London program. Arcadia programs in London are generally only approved if you wish to a) study abroad for a full year or b) have an academic need that is not fulfilled by the SCU London program.

Arcadia alumni from SCU - Contact us!

Brannan Biffar Arcadia Australia- Bond University
Christina Miyamoto  Arcadia Australia- Bond University
Stephanie Ledbetter Arcadia Australia- James Cook
Jessica Debolt Arcadia Austalia- New South Wales
Taylor Jahn Arcadia Australia- Queensland
Elizabeth Perry Arcadia Australia- Wollongong
Daniel Katzen Arcadia Australia- City University
Jessica Reimer Arcadia Australia- Sydney
Elizabeth Stanislawski Arcadia Greece- Hellenic Studies
Elizabeth Czapla Arcadia Ireland- Cork 
Mark Almassy Arcadia Ireland- Dublin Business 
Lauren Mizrahi Arcadia Italy- Florence
Lizhet Zepeda Arcadia Italy- Florence
Jennifer Lipari Arcadia Italy- Perugia 
Margaret Fitzgerald Arcadia Italy- Rome
Efrain De La Peza Arcadia Spain- Fundacion

Sydney, Australia, is one of the locations that you can study at with the Arcadia program
Photo by Scott Spencer
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