Santa Clara University

Study Abroad

IES: Institute for International Education of Students

Program locations:
Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Australia (Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney)
Austria (Vienna)
Chile (Santiago)
China (Beijing)
Ecuador (Quito)
European Union (EU)
France (Nantes, Paris - French Studies , Paris -Business & Int'l Affairs
Germany (BerlinFreiburg)
Ireland (Dublin)
India (Delhi)
Italy (Milan, Rome, Siena)
Japan (Nagoya, Tokyo)
The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch)
Spain (Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca)

Program description:
IES has over fifty years of experience in study abroad, with program options in over twenty cities. You can study with IES for a semester, year, or summer. IES highly encourages students to spend a year with them, and supports split-year options (different locations for Fall and Spring semesters).

Students are offered extensive faculty and staff support while abroad, and all program locations offer field trips, field study, sports, and volunteering options. Some of the programs offer courses in English, others only in the host language and previous language study requirements exist. At each site students have the option to enroll in local university classes. IES offers career-building internships in many of their programs. IES awards over $1 million dollars in their own scholarships annually to qualified students.

For more information about IES, please visit their website at

*If you are interested in studying in London, please review the information for the SCU London program. IES London is no longer an option for SCU students.

IES Alumni from SCU - Contact us!

Briana Daley IES Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rachel Lintott IES Buenos Aires, Argentina
Stephanie Woitte IES Barcelona, Spain
Jared Abercrombie IES Barcelona, Spain
Liam Satre-Meloy IES Madrid, Spain
Emily Drake IES Paris, France
Brittney Beeson IES Rome, Italy
Kristen Tang IES Beijing, China
Kendall Lane IES Milan, Italy 
Maryann Lucini IES Siena, Italy 
Ryan Groshong IES Granada, Spain 
Ian Allnutt IES Tokyo, Japan

Thinking of Studying in Germany?

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DAAD is the German Academic Exchange Service which promotes study abroad in Germany. DAAD's new Young Ambassadors program allows you to contact recent alumni of study abroad in Germany to ask them questions about their experiences and learn more from them about what life as a student in Germany is like and why you should consider it!

There are short profiles of each ambassador student, as well as contact information, at the link below.

DAAD's Young Ambassadors List Go

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