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Lille Photo Album, by Kathy Lipps

Kathy was a participant in the LilleUniversity Direct Exchange program in the Fall of 2002. These are her photos and descriptions.


This photo is of the Vieille Bourse, the old exchange building in Downtown Lille.  It is a great example of the Flemish architecture found throughout Lille.



This picture of the main campus of L’Universite Catholique de Lille, or “La Catho” taken from across the street.  Most classes in the College of Arts and Sciences (FLSH) are in this building.



The old Flemish style buildings now house shops, including a several story book store called “Le Furet du Nord,” Sephora, and many cafes or shops.  It is located across the way from the Vieille Bourse in the central square “La Place Charles de Gaulle” in downtown Lille.



What remains of the Palais Rihour (constructed in 1453) is now home to the newly renovated Tourist Office.  This view shows the war memorial, dedicated to those who “died for peace” in the two World Wars.


Feel free to contact Kathy if you would like to chat with her more about Lille. Her email address is

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