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Casa de la Solidaridad Pre-Health Summer Program

Casa de la Solidaridad Pre-Health Summer Program

Term: Summer 2010
June 15, 2010
July 17, 2010
Cost: $4,600 (details) - revised 4/8/2011
Housing: Student housing
Emphasis: Pre-Health, Community-based health program placements
Language Requirements: Spanish recommended; not required
Application Deadline: April or when filled

Faculty Directors: Trena and Kevin Yonkers-Talz

Program Overview:

Come to El Salvador to learn Spanish, immerse yourself in the Salvadoran culture and gain experience in the medical field! This academic initiative is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in the Health Profession. Students will integrate classroom learning with experiential learning in public hospitals / clinics.  Each student will have a praxis site (field placement) where they will work 4 afternoons a week in either a hospital or clinic under the supervision of medical professionals in El Salvador. Students live in community with other Casa students as well as with peer Salvadoran scholarship students studying at the Jesuit-run Central American University (UCA). Field trips include: Major public hospitals, rural clinics, health cooperatives (dentistry, ophthalmology, natural medicine).

Course Offerings: All students are required to take one Spanish course as well as the Field Placement / Praxis:  Cultural Perspectives in Public Health course. 

SPAN 15: Spanish Conversation and Composition
Instructor: TBA
Course Description: Intensive work stressing skills of spoken and written Spanish in everyday situations and in health care settings. Course taught from a communicative and proficiency-based approach. No prerequisites. (4 lower division quarter units)

SPAN 100: Advanced Spanish 1
Instructor: Cruz Portal, El Salvador Lecturer
Course Description: Students develop their capacities to read, understand, and communicate at an advanced level in the Spanish language within the cultural context of El Salvador. (5 upper division quarter units)

SPAN 110: Advanced Spanish Conversation
Instructor: TBA
Course Description: Advanced work stressing the development of self-expression in Spanish within the context of El Salvador.

All students will also enroll in the following course:

INTL 139: Field Placement/Praxis: Cultural Perspectives in Public Health
Instructor: TBA
Based on academic background, personal interests, and professional goals students are paired up with a fellow classmate and assigned a field placement in a clinic, hospital, or other health-related site in a local Salvadoran marginal/poor community. (5 upper division quarter units)

More information: Contact Trena Yonkers-Talz ( or visit the official website:

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