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SCU Germany Summer Program

Take the equivalent of 2 quarters of German while living and learning in the Intensive German Language Summer Program at the University of Freiburg

German Language Summer Program
Term: Summer 2015 

Arrival Date: August 3rd or 4th

Classes Start: August 5th

Classes End: August 28th

Departure Date: August 29th

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Housing: student dormitories at the University of Freiburg

Emphasis: Intensive German language

Language Requirement:
Directors: Professors Gudrun Tabbert-Jones and Josef Hellebrandt

For Accepted Students Only: Students who have received their acceptance letter from SCU Study Abroad must review the Pre-Departure information and register directly on the University of Freiburg Summer Language Program website

Program Overview: The German Language courses in Freiburg are offered in conjunction with the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, at Santa Clara University. Credits are to be arranged through Santa Clara faculty. Professor Gudrun Tabbert-Jones (German) will be in Freiburg for the duration of the summer program and will meet with students regularly.

Lectures and seminars offer a survey of literary, linguistic as well as cultural, historical, political, legal and social developments in Germany. Depending on individual language skills, summer course participants may attend all afternoon lectures and seminars. Program Fees: will include tuition, orientation, housing, placement test fees, on-site student services, emergency medical insurance coverage. Not covered: meals, textbooks, airfare, transportation, and personal expenses.

To alleviate costs for the program, students with an interest in a German Studies Major or Minor are eligible for the financial assistance from the Geoff & Josie Fox German Studies Fund. To qualify, students must have taken at least 3 quarters of college-level German at Santa Clara University. Priority is given to those who have declared a German Studies Minor or Major.

Course Offerings: Students will fulfill two-quarters worth of language requirements (specifically recommended for Business majors) at the end of the 4-week program (85 hours language instruction). Students will be tested onsite and placed in the appropriate language course (groups) below.

GERM 111: Contemporary German Civilization
Geography, culture, education, politics, and the economy in the German-speaking countries since 1945. Prerequisit: GERM 100 or consent of instructor. (5 units)

German Language Courses (Group A)
Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced German Language Classes designed for students seeking to enhance their speaking, writing and comprehension skills. 85 hours contact hours. 4 hours of language instruction daily. A language lab is available for additional practice. The intense language classes are further complemented by lectures and seminars in the afternoon. They are open to all participants. Students will take a German language test the day after arrival and will be placed in language classes appropriate for their level.

Upper Division German Language Courses (Group B)
Language, Culture, Philosophy and Society in Germany. 34 contact hours, complementary lectures and seminars. Two hours of language instruction daily. One hour daily in the language lab for additional practice. Participants will enhance their proficiency by working with texts and various practical exercises. They will also attend lectures and seminars (see: Group A) focusing on recent developments and trends in German language, culture, philosophy, politics and society (Advanced German language skills required).

Business German (Group C)
Prerequisite: Excellent German Skills. Four hours of instruction daily (85 contact hours). This group of courses focuses on many aspects of German business culture such as banking, marketing, stock exchange, and the economy as well as how to handle commercial correspondence and give presentations. Students may consider taking the internationally recognized "Pr?fung Wirtschaftsdeutsch" (PWD) after completing this course. There will be an additional charge for taking the PWD exam. Students will be tested prior to enrolling in this course. It is essential that all course participants are able to function at the same advanced language level. Students who do not score high enough on the placement exam are guaranteed placement in courses A or B.

For more information: Contact Professors Gudrun Tabbert-Jones ( or Josef Hellebrandt ( in the Modern Languages Department.

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