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Lund is a small university town in southern Sweden, about 15 minutes by train from the major city of Malmö (which has a small airport), and only 45 minutes by train from the major Copenhagen International Airport. One of the oldest public universities in Sweden, it hosts a number of international students from all over the world. Lund University in Sweden is one of the two main universities of Sweden, with around 40,000 students, 1,000 of which are international.

The city of Lund has a population of around 100,000. For many centuries Lund was a cultural and religious centre in southern Scandinavia and its traditions of learning date back to the Middle Ages, when the divinity school was located there. It is in the extreme south of the country in the Skåne region.

Lund is a small city, but nevertheless you can get mostly anything you need there. The weather remains cold through mid-March, and it doesn’t become warm until the end of June. Sweden is a very beautiful and clean country, and the people are all very friendly. Nearly everyone speaks English, which makes communication a breeze compared to other European locations. The prices of many products are expensive, however. Studying in Sweden for the full year is ideal if you intend to travel, as Sweden and Norway really start to get beautiful in the summer months. The university also sponsors trips to Russia and Finland.

Courses Available
All of the international classes are taught in English. There is a huge variety of classes: you can take just about any class you want, as it is a major university. Speaking Swedish would be an advantage, of course, as you can choose from a wider array of classes, however, most students coming from Santa Clara obviously only speak English (but enjoy picking up some Swedish while they are there!).

The university is divided into eight faculties that work in a decentralised structure. The faculties are the Lund Institute of Technology (LTH), Science, Law, Social Sciences, Medicine, Liberal Arts and Theology, Economics and Management, and Performing Arts.

The Faculty of Humanities offers courses in Archaeology & Ancient History,  Art History & Musicology, Comparative Literature/Film, Cultural Studies, English, European Ethnology, History, Human Ecology, and Linguistics.

For more information on courses, please visit their Course Information webpage.

Click on the link below for information about the grade and unit conversion scale for Lund University:


Housing Options
Sweden does not offer on-campus housing options. International students live in student housing, which is separated into corridors. The size of each residential complex varies. (For example, Greenhouse houses about 40-50 students, all international). Most residences have Swedish students as well. In addition, nearly all students have private rooms and bathrooms, but share kitchen areas.

The International office at Lund will work with exchange students to provide them housing in the limited number of rooms that they work with.  Students are advised to apply for housing as early as possible to make sure they are guaranteed a room. It is strongly suggested that students confirm their housing and pay the housing costs directly to the university as soon as possible. If a student completes a wire transfer for housing and is unsure if it will arrive on time, they should fax or email a copy of the payment to the Lund Housing Office.

For more information on housing please visit Lund's Housing website.

Official Contact Person
Maria Katsarou Tagil (
Office of International Education/Incoming Exchange Students @ Lund


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