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The SCU Study Abroad application process is a two-step process; students complete both an SCU Application to study abroad which is submitted to SCU Study Abroad and also a program specific application which you submit directly to the program provider.  The application process is competitive.  Read about eligibility and the complete application process here.

Application Deadlines:

December 15, 2015 SCU Study Abroad Fall 2016 application

December 15, 2015 Washington DC Fall 2016 application 

January 15, 2016 Summer 2016 application

June 15, 2016 SCU Winter quarter/Spring quarter/Spring semester 2017 application (application closed)

June 15, 2016 Washington DC Spring 2017 application (application closed)

Some students, while using the Safari browser, have reported issues in trying to save/submit their applications.  We recommend you fill out and submit your application using another browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE).



SCU Application

  • iconPreview the questions on SCU Application for Study Abroad

  • iconSCU Confirmation to Study Abroad

    Nominated applicants are required to return their signed Confirmation and Waiver in order to confirm their nomination in SCU Study Abroad.  Failure to submit the signed Confirmation and Waiver by the deadline will result in nominated applicants not continuing with SCU Study Abroad.  Applicants should review the information about the Two-Step Application Process.


Program Specific Application

  • iconProgram Specific Applications

  • iconSCU Transcripts

    If your program specific application requires that you submit an official transcript, it is your responsibility to obtain the transcript and send it to your study abroad program provider.  You need to request your official transcript from the SCU Office of the Registrar (

  • iconHome School Nomination Form

    All the program providers require students to get the approval of their home university. If asked for a staff member of SCU Study Abroad, list Andrea Muilenburg.  Usually, SCU Study Abroad can log into the program provider portal to give their approval electronically. A small number of providers still require a paper form that must be signed by SCU Study Abroad and mailed/faxed.  Check with your program provider to see what they require.


Declare an International Minor

Consider complementing your major with an International Minor.  You can choose between International Studies or International Business

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