Santa Clara University

Study Abroad

Pre-Departure Checklist

For Accepted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to study abroad.

  • MAINTAIN ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Students are required to maintain their study abroad eligibility requirements at all times. Failure to maintain eligibility at any time during the application phase, acceptance phase, or while on a study abroad program will result in the loss of eligibility. A final eligibility audit will happen the first week of May. It is ALWAYS the student's responsibility to remain in good standing with the University (no financial holds, no academic probation, no disciplinary issues, declared a major, completion of 88 units, etc.).

  • WITHDRAWAL POLICY: Students who wish to withdraw from study abroad status must send an email to requesting the withdrawal. If you withdraw from a program after you've accepted your approval from the Study Abroad Office, you may be responsible for a $500 withdrawal fee. Additionally, if you withdraw after having confirmed your spot in your particular program, you will be liable for the deposit plus any amount that has already been committed on your behalf. That amount will be billed to your ecampus account.>>Read full policy (pdf)
  • MANDATORY PRE-DEPARTURE ORIENTATION: All study abroad students are required to attend the Pre-Departure Orientation program on Saturday, April 21, 2012 from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm., Locatelli Center.
  • MANDATORY HEALTH INSURANCE: Be sure to complete the on-line waiver form to opt out of the mandatory university health insurance. Go to to complete the waiver. This must be completed before going abroad. If you have other insurance, but fail to complete the waiver form by the deadline date, you will be enrolled into the SCU sponsored health insurance and your student account will be charged. Contact the Insurance Coordinator at 408-554-2379 for more information or questions.

  • PASSPORT SIZE PHOTOS: If you need passport size photos for your student visa document, you can get them done at Kinko's or Walgreens.  Be sure to ask for passport-size photos so that they can be cut to the official dimensions of 2 x 2 inches and with white background.
  • NOTARY PUBLIC: Monica Manriquez is a staff member at Walsh Admin building who can notarize documents for $10 per document.

  • COURSE APPROVAL SHEET: Be sure to thoroughly complete the Study Abroad Course Approval Form and turn it in to the Registrar's Office before leaving campus. Be sure to attach a printout of course descriptions and titles for new approved courses.

    The policy of the new Core is that students studying abroad may only fulfill the 2nd RTC Core course while abroad.  The 3rd RTC course is reserved for the period following a study abroad experience. Effective February, 2011 all requests for study abroad approval for core Religious Studies requirements will be directed to Professor Phyllis Brown.

  • PASSPORT: If you have not already started, now is the time to apply for a passport if you do not already have one or renew it if it will expire 6 months after the end of your program. You can download an application at Know that new passports can take up to several months to receive.
  • STUDENT VISA: Your program will be sending you information about student visa if the country location requires one. You will need a passport to get a visa, so make sure you have a valid passport (or a renewal if you need one) to avoid delays on your student visa.

  • BILLING PROCEDURE: All study abroad students except for affiliated Summer Program participants will be billed the same way and timeline as students on campus, i.e. via your e-campus accounts. Please check the Bursar's Office website for their billing schedule...usually, August 1st for Fall students, December 1st for Winter, May 1st for Summer programs.

  • PROGRAM COST: The Board of Trustees normally announces the following year's tuition and fees including study abroad program cost in March. Be sure to view the Study Abroad Tuition and Fees on our website. Please click here to view the current fees to give you an idea. Fees for academic year 2011-2012 will be announced in March, 2011. Please note that pricing may be different from the amount published by each of the Affiliated program providers.
  • CHANGE OF STATUS: Once your application has been approved through the SCU protocol and sent off to the affiliated programs, then we assume you will be accepted. If you change your mind, don’t get accepted into a program, change program locations, change terms of your study abroad program, or anything else of the sort, you need to inform the Study Abroad Office in writing ( as well as your program provider. Failure to do so will result in complications with SCU registration, billing, and credit transfer procedures.
  • REGISTERING FOR CLASSES: In May students who are officially accepted to a program will be enrolled into a placeholder class on their ecampus called "UNIV 199 - Studies Abroad." This placeholder course and a "Studies Abroad Advising Hold" will be placed on your ecampus account to prevent you from registering for on-campus classes.
  • MANDATORY SPRING ADVISING HOLD: (updated: May 5, 2011) If you need to meet with your academic adviser again please do so. Otherwise, study abroad students are not required to go through the May advising as they would have already met with their academic adviser to complete the "Academic Advisor Approval Form" which is a required component of their study abroad application process. That spring advising hold will eventually be replaced by the required "Studies Abroad Advising Hold" which will prevent you from registering for on-campus courses.

  • FERPA WAIVERS: We recommend that you consider filing the FERPA forms through either the Registrar's or Bursar's Office to enable your parents/guardians to have access to some of your information especially your financial information. Read more>>
  • QUESTIONS? Once you are accepted into a program, then they become your main contact for required documents. You can always contact the Study Abroad Office at 408.554.6940 if you have any other questions. 

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