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Maximizing Your Global Experience with Resources

The following links are provided only as possible resources for students who are currently abroad. Santa Clara University and the Study Abroad Office have no direct affiliation with these programs or services.

Must Bookmark:

U.S. State Department
Information on countries you plan to visit or live in, travel advisories and warnings, and passport information.

Travel Alerts
Monitor the current travel warnings and alerts from the U.S. State Departments before making any travel plans abroad.

Organizations or websites that may be helpful (in no particular order of importance):
The traveler's guide to over 700 airports, providing 1M+ monthly visitors vital information for getting to, through, and between airports.

InterNations - Connecting Global Minds
An online community of global-minded people (expats/international students and people living, working or studying abroad):

Travel Resources
A good resource for parents and students alike on country-specific airline carriers, checklists, guides to passports and visas, budget planning, etc.: 

Country of the Month
Check out the IIE Passport "Country of the Month" for information on some popular study abroad destinations: (see "Country of the Month" feature, right toolbar) 

Embassy World
A directory and search engine for embassies and consulates around the world

Escape Artist
Information on escaping from it all – work abroad, country profiles, even international real estate! Has a good section on Global Reference, with lists of search engines around the world, newspapers, hospitals and maps.
A catch-all site for study abroad students, combining information both on study/work/volunteer/teach abroad, but also travel resources and tools.

Help for World Travelers
Comprehensive listing of international telephone and electrical information (searchable database of dialing codes and plugs/voltages!)

Excellent site for "the independent woman traveler" filled with all kinds of fun tips and suggestions, as well as CityGuides written by women. You can also sign up to be on their quarterly email list.

Voting Information Abroad
If you will be abroad at the time of an election, you can make preparations in advance to still make your vote count.
Federal Voter Assistance Program:
Republicans Abroad:
Democrats Abroad:

Health & Safety Resources:

Center For Disease Control and Prevention
Recommended and/or required vaccinations, disease outbreak information and safe eating/drinking information

International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT)
A non-profit organization which aims to advise travellers about health risks, the geographical distribution of diseases worldwide, immunization requirements for all countries, and to make competent medical care available to travellers by English-speaking western-trained doctors.

International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM)
Find a travel clinic listing by location worldwide.

Study Abroad Safety Handbook
An excellent source of information on health and safety for the student going abroad, including checklists, planning sheets, and resources. A highly recommended stop in your web browsing. 

U.S. State Department
Information on countries you plan to visit or live in, travel advisories and warnings, and passport information.

Emergency Phone Number Information
Look up how you call emergency help in the country where you will be studying

SOS 112 Europe
Emergency information for European travellers


Translates single words from English to Spanish, German, Italian, and French. Very accurate and helpful – like a printed dictionary. You can also download a translation tool right onto your own computer or laptop.

AltaVista/Babelfish Translations
Helpful for longer sections of text that you need to translate. Warning: not at all 100% effective, but often it will get you the gist of what is being said. Languages include Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Required Reading

Abroad View
Very interesting forays into other cultures through travel writing. Also a print publication, you can read about others' experiences around the world.

Glimpse Magazine
A publication created by university students that publishes a wide variety of travel writing. You can search by region (worldwide) or topic (After Dark, Politics, Religion, Culture Shock, etc.)

Learn Overseas
A print magazine and website designed for students who are planning to study abroad.

Transitions Abroad
The definitive source for practical resources on volunteering, working, and alternative traveling abroad. Also a print publication.

Travel Information


The Budget Traveler's Guide to Sleeping in Airports
A lodging choice that the Study Abroad Office cannot technically endorse, but a funny website nonetheless!

Cookery Converter
Making dinner for your new Chinese friends but have no idea how to read the measurements in the recipe? Check here for help:

Hostelling International (HI)
The brand name for youth hostels run by the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF), an international non-governmental, non-profit making organization recognized by UNESCO. HI boasts over 4 million visitors every year, in thousands of hostels throughout the world.
An immense database listing worldwide hostels, plus information on tours, tickets and more.

Hotel Ninja
Features independent hotels, B&Bs, and other accommodation not listed on most travel sites. These are mainly family owned or independent and do not wish to participate with travel booking engines because of the costs. HotelNinja provides an opportunity to find alternative accommodation and is ideal for people who prefer to avoid chain hotels and corporations.

Student Hostelworld
Another resource for hostel bookings, travel tips, and destination guides.

International Student ID Card Online Office
The official site of the ISIC, with a searchable list of discounts and information on insurance that comes with your card. You can also apply for a card here if your program doesn't provide you with one.

Lonely Planet
Time-tested staple guide of the student traveler with tips that try to take you off the beaten path. Very comprehensive for many areas and cities.

One Bag
Examines the art and science of traveling light with advice on how you can travel for an indefinite length of time with only one carry-on sized bag. Up for the challenge?

City guides/what's happening for major cities in Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Florence, Istanbul, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Napoli, Paris, Prague, Rome, Venice, and Vienna. Also the rest of the world: Buenos Aires, Dubai, Havana, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory
A database listing official government tourist offices, convention and visitors bureaus, chambers of commerce, and similar agencies that provide free, accurate, and unbiased travel information to the public.

Universal Packing List
Generates a personalized packing list for you, based on where you are going, for how long, and what you will be doing while you are there (Our site has a non-personalized one available here).


Cheap Airfare:
Apple Fares
OpenJet (searches many lost-cost airfares for you)
Ryan Air
A comprehensive site helpful to anyone planning a budget trip to Europe. The site has many unconventional accommodation options, including home exchange programs, campsites and hostels.

EuroLines (bus travel in Europe)

EuRail (Train travel across Europe)

Mappy (European maps and travel guides)

By Country: Australia

Aussie Backpacker Website
Has information on youth hostels, backpacker and budget accommodation, employment, travel tips and discount vouchers and well as packages and discounts.

Australia's Great Train Journeys
Book a train journey on Australia's Great Southern Railway.

The Whitsunday Islands
Student recommended as their favorite experience while in Australia.

By Country: Brazil

A Brazilian news site with all kinds of links and information about society, sports, tourism, etc.

By Country: China

Airline Offices in Beijing

Chinese Embassy - Useful Link List
List of links from the U.S. Chinese Embassy that would be helpful for anyone preparing to spend time in China.

By Country: Denmark

Meet The Danes
This website offers all sorts of ways to get to know Danish people. They will also help arrange for a home dinner with a Danish family.

By Country: Italy

Information on events in the Chianti region for weekend trip planning.
Information on the city of Florence in both Italian and English. A great place to learn about social happenings, music, sports, art, and news. You can also sign up for weekly email updates and even get an email account!

Italian Cities and Towns
Information and statistics on Italian Regions, Provinces and Municipalities. All Cities, Towns and Villages in Italy. Official site, zip codes, population, useful links.

Italian News Sites
Try these three websites for current news about Italy in Italian:
Il Sole 24 Ore
Corriere della Sera
La Repubblica

Platform 3000 - Cell Phone Services in Florence
Other students have recommended this provider of rental cell phones and other student services such as shipping, bag storage, and bike rentals.

Student Guide to Florence
From the Universita' degli Studi di Firenze (University of Florence) website, this is a helpful guide written for incoming foreign students to Florence. It covers topics such as transportation, post offices, banks, churches etc.

Try and decipher the Italian rail system! This site makes it easier with a searchable database. You can also buy train tickets online (big bonus if you find the train station confusing!)

A close-up on Italy. A collection of the most interesting news, events, and happenings each week in Italy – IN ENGLISH! Weekly emails also available.

By Country: Spain

Train schedules for Spain
Find general travel deals in and around Spain with this Spanish travel agency online.

By Country: Thailand

Guide To Thailand
Created by an American student studying in Thailand. Thai language resources, subway/transportation guides, travel recommendations, money exchange information and more!

By Country: United Kingdom

UK Student Life
In-depth guide for students who are coming to the U.K. for study. Includes information on slang, culture, travel, daily life, finding a job, taking a "holiday," and useful links for while you are in the U.K.

Travel Agencies

International Student Travel Confederation (ISTC)
A nonprofit confederation of student travel organizations around the world, which provides information on everything from student flights to work exchange programs.

Student Travel Agency (STA)
Specializing in discounted flight and travel arrangements for students. Has offices in many countries worldwide as well for personal assistance.

Student Universe Travel
"Student travel deals and cheap airfare."

Travel Cuts
Provides up-to-date information on the cheapest fares and accommodations to help you plan your budget trip.

An international travel company specializing in discounted airfares to Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and Asia.

Buy Travel Supplies

Source for traveling supplies - everything from clothes to folding hairdryers to collapsible wine glasses and plug adaptors. Also has lots of great travel and packing tips and articles.

Very similar to Magellan's, known for their travel-friendly clothing line. Also has great article resources fro travelers.

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