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Santa Clara has reciprocal exchange relationships with a number of international universities.  Participants can fulfill major, minor, core, and other graduation requirements, eligible to use their SCU financial aid towards tuition and program fees, maintain their enrollment status at SCU while abroad, and receive the same quality advising services at SCU. Direct Exchange Programs offer the best type of full immersion experience. Highly recommended for students who wish to improve their language skills, experience studying with local students while only paying SCU tuition.


Exchange universities include:

  • Australia (Australian Catholic University)
  • Chile (Universidad Alberto Hurtado)
  • France (Universite Catholique de Lille)
  • Italy (Universita degli Studi di Firenze)
  • Japan (Sophia University and University of the Sacred Heart)
  • Mexico (Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla)
  • Philippines (Ateneo de Manila University)
  • Spain (Universidad de Deusto)
  • Sweden (Lund University)


Program Highlights:
  • Allow a higher level of direct immersion and independence
  • Students from the exchange university come to SCU, while our students enroll for a year or a semester overseas directly into the host university.
  • Participation in an exchange program requires a higher level of language proficiency in most of the exchange schools.
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For more information about our direct exchanges, please click below. For advising related to direct exchange study abroad opportunities, please contact the Assistant Director of the Study Abroad Office, Andrea Muilenburg via email at or by phone at (408) 554-6940.

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