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How to Register for Winter SCU Classes While Abroad

While you are abroad, you can view the entire schedule of classes for an upcoming term on E-Campus. You can also see this same information at the Student Records website ( To find available/open classes, check the Course Availability page (

UPDATES: October 21, 2008

FOR RETURNING STUDENTS: Students who will be returning to SCU winter quarter will be given an appointment to register determined by the number of units completed and their units in progress for the Fall term. Please check your ecampus for your Winter registration appointment. You are expected to register during your appointment time which is based on California time.

We have been advised by the Registrar's Office that Winter registration appointment time for study abroad students will NOT match the correct time zone in the country in which they are studying as previously hoped. Doing so would have greatly disadvantaged study abroad students who may end up with registration appointments much later than if they were on California time.

Returning students must take note of their registration time and make appropriate contingency arrangements with friends or family members to log on and register them into courses if they will be unable to register online themselves either for safety reasons or lack of internet access.

ATTENTION YEAR-LONG STUDENTS: If you are staying abroad for the remainder of the academic year, please confirm with the International Programs Office by sending an email to advising us of the following information:

  • SCU ID
Year-long students must NOT register for Winter quarter on campus during their appointments or their ecampus accounts will be charged twice. Our office will work with the Registrar's Office to enroll you into study abroad status for the remainder of the year. You will only be billed in the Winter quarter and NOT in the Spring quarter.



Take care of yourselves and each other, and if you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to ask!

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