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Duplex Printing

Duplex Printing

  • Duplex Printing Available in all residence halls

    In an effort to reduce the amount of paper waste generated on campus, all residence halls as well as specified Learning Commons printers have been fitted with a duplex printing option. Not only does paper waste reduction help preserve natural resources, but duplex printing allows students, faculty, and staff to save on money. Printing one-sided costs $0.08, while duplex charges $0.06. Below you can download instructions on how to set up duplex printing for your computer.

    Instructions for Mac users.

    Instructions for PC users.

  • iconStatement for faculty syllabi

    The Office of Sustainability encourages faculty to advertise the option of duplex printing by including a statement on all syllabi that recommends students print assignments double-sided. A sample statement that can be copied and pasted into faculty syllabi is copied below:

    Duplex printing
    For all paper assignments and class readings, please print double-sided. Printing double-sided costs two cents less per page, and it also reduces the amount of paper waste generated on campus. All residence hall and library printers are capable of printing double-sided.

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