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SCU's 1/2 acre organic garden serves as a campus space for course research, service learning, and sustainable food production. Operating within the Center for Sustainability, the Forge Garden provides a living laboratory for exploration of environmental impacts and social justice surrounding the food system.



Preserving the Harvest, Part 1: Pickles (Aug 2nd)

Preserving the Harvest, Part 1: Pickles (Aug 2nd)

Preserving the Harvest, Part 1: Pickles, Sat., August 2, 10am | Forge Garden
Details: Everyone loves pickles! Do you know how easy they are to make? This workshop will cover basic recipes and techniques for turning cucumbers, squash, carrots, and other vegetables into delicious fresh pickles.

Topics include:

  • Basic ingredients and recipes
  • Equipment and instructions needed
  • Vegetables to use and how to prepare them

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Drop-in volunteering: Mon, Wed, Thur 2-5 pm 
(No work days during FINALS Week.)
Farm Stand: Friday 11:30-1:30 pm

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