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Responsible Consumerism

The Center for Sustainability practices responsible consumerism and assists the University in improving its impacts on the local and global community associated with procurement (extraction, production, distribution, consumption, and disposal). Example metrics include local/organic/sustainable food procurement rates, sustainable purchasing policies, and waste diversion rates.


The Lending Library

The SCU Lending Library is an online site for SCU employees to borrow items shared by other departments. Have a lamination machine you don't often use? Let others borrow it! Need to decorate for an 80's themed event? See if others have decorations you can borrow.


The Share Shelf
(Pilot Program)

Located in the Shapell Lounge of the Multicultural Center, the Share Shelf serves as a physical site for students, faculty, and staff to donate and acquire used office and school supplies. Click here for a list of acceptable items.


Sustainable Purchasing Guide

(Coming Soon!) The Sustainable Purchasing Guide was developed to guide and teach students, faculty and staff at Santa Clara University how to purchase sustainable products. This guide reflects SCU’s commitment to sustainability and the triple-bottom line of the environment, society, and economics.

Recent news

Take Action: Red Cup Pickup
Take Action: Red Cup Pickup

Reduce, reuse, recycle Solo cups and respect the neighborhood and our waterways!

Lending Library: Save Money, Build Community
Lending Library: Save Money, Build Community

The presence of this online platform for sharing items allows for more efficient use of resources between SCU organizations and departments.

Bronco Trends: Reusables on the Rise
Bronco Trends: Reusables on the Rise

Responsible consumerism is more than being conscious about what we buy--it's about deciding if we need to buy new things in the first place. SCU is taking the lead in utilizing reusable products and reducing single-use items.

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