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Student Projects Related to Sustainability

  • slurpSustainable Living Undergraduate Research Project (SLURP)

    Students research sustainable living at Santa Clara University. Read about their projects.

  • discussionUndergraduate Fellowship in Environmental Ethics

    This Fellowship, a program of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, explores the ethical dimensions of sustainability.
  • employeeGoing Green on Campus: Sustainability in Offices at Santa Clara University

    By Nicole Belanger, Laura Fowler, Lisa Kinslow, Courtney Meier, KellyOngman, and Tracey Walker.
    Laura Nichols' Applied Sociology, Fall 2007.

    A group of students enrolled in Santa Clara University’s Applied Sociology course Fall 2007 conducted both a survey and individual interviews with office administrators to collect data on what is being done, what needs to be done, and best practices to make university offices more “green.”

    The results of the survey and interviews with administrative assistants illustrate the current practices, barriers to sustainability, and future program suggestions for offices at Santa Clara University. The survey specifically yielded information about sustainable practices already being done and those which are most commonly ignored. The most common practices being performed around campus offices are the acts of turning off computers, monitors, and printers overnight. However, the least common sustainable practice was demonstrated to be not using or turning off power strips at night or over weekends. In terms of reducing waste, the most common sustainable practice was recycling batteries and ink cartridges while the least common sustainable practice was using refillable pens and pencils. Regarding the environment, administrative assistants make an effort to keep live plants in the offices and use non-toxic cleaners.

    Interviews conducted with administrative assistants illustrated that the most commonly recognized barrier to sustainable practices is a lack of education and awareness of best practices for not only office personnel, but faculty, staff, and students as well. Other commonly cited barriers were the necessity of paper usage around campus and the difficulty in breaking other less sustainable practices. Recommendations have also been made with the resulting data from both the survey and interview data, which include cutting back on paper usage through the implementation of electronic resources, and implementing more ways to educate people on campus about best practices.

    All of the students were 2008 graduates of Santa Clara University’s Sociology Department. This project was done as part of the class, Applied Sociology, taken in the Fall of 2007.

  • solarpanelsSustainable SCU: An Analysis of Santa Clara University's Current and Future Energy Usage

    By Meagan Diss, Natalie Nowak, Priya Pandya, and Sarah Park.
    Stephen Smith's Operations Management, Fall 2007.

    The goal of this project was to assess the effectiveness of Santa Clara University’s Sustainability Program in conserving energy and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). The study found that during the past seven years when the square feet of occupied buildings at the university has increased by 27%, and the full time student enrollment has increased 11%, Santa Clara University’s energy use has increased only 3%. The project also analyzed the CO2 emissions from SCUs’ current energy sources and summarized the key components of Santa Clara University’s plan to achieve a 34% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2010 through the use of more renewable energy, greener buildings and conservation.


Student-Produced Videos About Sustainability

  • washingmachineGet Creative

    By Chris Barry, Chloe Chen, Alex Moriconi, Cara Uy.
    Chad Raphael's Environmental Communications, Spring 2010.

  • godzillaGlobal Warming Godzilla

    By Chris Barry, Chloe Chen, Alex Moriconi, Cara Uy.
    Chad Raphael's Environmental Communications, Spring 2010.

  • REC promo videoResidence Energy Challenge 2011 Promo Video

    Sustainability Intern Chloe Fitzmaurice-Shean created this video to promote the Second Annual Residence Energy Challenge.

  • green american dreamThe Green American Dream

    Environmental capstone 2010 video attempting to alter the attitude that environmentalism and American Dream ideology are mutually exclusive. Introducing the new generation of environmentalists who are environmentally conscious consumers.

  • doc_fairtradeSustainability Documentaries

    Students in Michael Whalen's Fall 2007 COMM 132 produced documentaries related to sustainability. Topics include: fair trade coffee, campus culture, trash audits, water free urinals, and e-waste.