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Sustainability Curriculum Toolkit

The Sustainability Toolkit is a resource to help incorporate sustainability and environmental justice into all aspects of Santa Clara University's curriculum.

SCU Teaching Resources

  • Teaching Resources from the Center for Sustainable SystemsTeaching Sustainability

    Teaching Resources from the Center for Sustainable Systems
    PowerPoint presentations and outlines designed for a post-secondary audience that educate about consumption and pollution topics such as ozone depletion and resource extraction, as well as a very thorough guide to environmental laws.

    Twenty-Five Stories from the Central Valley
    This website uses photos, theater, stories, and sound to paint a vivid picture of the environmental toxins that "the other Cali­for­nia" lives with every day. Teaching tools introduce environmental justice content into college classes in a wide variety of disciplines.

    Sustainable Table
    Sustainable Table is a tool for teaching the environmental implications of our diets, has an especially good 360 degree tour of a factory farm and other interactive guides about meat production that students will enjoy exploring.

    Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit
    Links to websites offering pedagogical guides, workshop ideas for students, and other practical advice from a diverse set of environmental organizations guides to help make campuses more sustainable.

    Conservation Value Institute
    Fact sheets, a unique guide for teaching the psychology behind sustainability, and tips on how to effectively communicate about environmental issues without scaring students.

  • Beyond Grey PinstripesTeaching Business Sustainability

    Case Place
    Offers teaching materials and current events articles organized by discipline, industry, topic and region; additionally, Case Place has scholarly articles, books, case studies, course syllabi, teaching modules and helpful links to other websites.

    Beyond Grey Pinstripes
    A ranking of global MBA programs describing how well each program teaches environmentalism as a best practice in business and how programs foster social, ethical and environmental stewardship; on the site you may access coursework, course syllabi and faculty research projects from over 100 institutions.

  • STARS silver sealSCU Sustainability Teaching Resources


    Student Project Ideas with a Sustainable Focus
    Use the SCU campus as a learning laboratory - see this document for project ideas or submit your own! E-mail for access to the shared file.

    Have Students Critically Examine several school’s STARS reports
    In which areas do universities excel in sustainability? How can SCU improve? How should SCU prioritize to achieve an even better STARS rating?

    Use Campus as a Living Lab

    • The Forge Garden located at the corner of Benson and Sherman Streets is an ideal location for a lecture on natural processes or sustainable business and agriculture.
    • Take a walk around campus with students to point out sustainable choices the administration at SCU has made.
    • A discussion of LEED-designed buildings or conscientious purchasing in Benson Memorial Center would help students see their campus in a new way.
  • doc_greenSustainability at SCU

    Links to environmental Organizations from the Environmental Studies Institute at SCU A list of diverse local and national environmental organizations and a synopsis of their work.

    The Ignatian Center & the Sustainability Initiative
    CCurrent and future programs sponsored by the Ignatian Center at SCU responding to the University’s commitment to sustainability and environmental justice.

    The Office of Sustainability
    SCU’s authority on all things sustainable, information on a myriad of events and programs focusing on sustainability can be found here.

    Education and Research
    Ways in which environmentalism is being fostered on the SCU campus, from residence life to student organizations.

    Campus Operations
    SCU looks for ways to incorporate sustainability in all aspects of the university, including buying sustainable cleaning products and following LEED standards in building and restoration projects.

    Community Engagement
    Promoting public dialogue regarding sustainability and assisting communities to develop sustainably is essential for a greener future, the Solar Decathlon and Arrupe Partnerships are just a few of the programs that allow SCU to serve the wider community.

    Get Involved
    Simple ways to make your lifestyle more sustainable are to practice sustainable habits at your workplace as well as following events hosted by the Office of Sustainability.

    SCU Library Videos for Sustainability
    The videos Forces of Nature and Fresh will be screened in Harrington Learning Commons throughout the day, Tuesday and Wednesday, April 19 and 20, at scheduled class start times. The linked guide details where and provides a list of other sustainability videos available for screening in classrooms.

    SCU Library Sustainability Resource Guide 
    Library books, videos, journals, databases, encyclopedias, and vetted web resources to cover the full range of sustainability. Books and web resources are divided into categories: agriculture, built environment, business, energy, ecology, etc.

    Sustainability Across the Campus
    A list of the 32 departments and 199 courses at SCU with a sustainable focus.

    Faculty Conducting Sustainability Research
    Many members of our faculty conduct research centering around sustainability and justice across many fields of study.

  • The Greenopolis FoundationFunding and Grants

    Sustainability Research Initiative
    SCU hopes to create a dynamic and collaborative research community centered on projects relating to justice and sustainability; the Sustainability Research Initiative has an annual budget of $115,000 to fund research grants, professional development grants, and a research retreat.

    The Greenopolis Foundation
    Awards grants ranging from $100-1,000 to educators, students, and community groups for projects that advance environmental and social sustainability.

  • Case PlaceResources for Sustainability in Higher Education

    Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
    SCU is a member of AASHE, a professional organization that recently awarded SCU a Silver Rating for the Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System. The site offers many ideas regarding how to incorporate sustainability into all facets of higher education.

    American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment
    Presidents pledge to eliminate campus greenhouse gas emissions, includes pledging instutions' plans to achieve Climate Neutrality.

    Disciplinary Associations Network (DANS)
    Encourages academic engagement to promote sustainability, featured on the website are curricula and links to supplement courses in biology, business, chemistry, design, engineering, environmental science, humanities, mathematics, psychology, religion, and sociology.

    University Leaders for a Sustainable Future
    An association of university leaders which supports sustainable research, teaching, operations and outreach; offers links towards other resources and publications offering practical tips like how to save money by going green.

    Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium
    An informal network of higher education associations; has an interesting online portal to incorporate green buildings on campus to reach carbon neutrality.

    Strategies for Sustainability in Higher Education
    Second Nature, a non-profit organization that provides technical assistance to help universities become more sustainable.