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Beyond Green (Students)

Join Beyond Green!

Simply fill out the information below and then commit to at least one new action in each category (conservation, economic equality, and civic engagement) that you feel is within your capacity to do.

Once you have established these habits, push yourself to make more commitments within each category.

Beyond Green (Students)
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Please select at least 1
Activate the sleep or energy saving mode on my computer
Drink tap water instead of buying bottled; use a reusable mug and water bottle.
Turn off lights and unplug chargers when I am not using them.
Replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs).
Print only when necessary, and do it double sided!
Actively recycle!
Do laundry or run the dishwasher only when I have full load.

Economic equality*

Please select at least 1
Choose local, seasonal, or organic produce. Check out the farmers market in Franklin Square on Saturday mornings!
Support fair trade and/or local agriculture.
Eat vegetarian more often and reduce my consumption of meat and seafood.
Think twice about making a purchase: Do I really need more stuff?
During move out, donate reusable goods to those in need (Goodwill, cell phone recycling programs).

Civic engagement*

Please select at least 1
Volunteer my time.
Attend an event to learn about a different culture.
Work with my employer to incorporate sustainability at work or look for ways to incorporate sustainability into my career.
Encourage at least one person to join Sustainable SCU.
Stay informed about climate change and energy issues.
Read the monthly Sustainability Update to get involved on campus.
Participate in service opportunities like immersion trips and volunteer events.
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